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CLYDE GILMOUR September 27 1958

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR September 27 1958

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THE DEFIANT ONES: A Negro (Sidney Poitier) and a white man (Tony Curtis) escape from a southern chain gang, shackled together, in this powerful and unhackneyed drama produced and directed by Stanley Kramer. It’s one of 1958’s finest. With Theodore Bikel.

CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF: Elizabeth Taylor may get an Oscar nomination for her title-role portrayal of a love-starved wife, and in some ways the movie is better than Tennessee Williams’ play. But the hell-on-earth greed and hatred in Big Daddy’s rotting household soon become oppressive, and the sudden regenerations at the finish are unconvincing. Burl Ives, Paul Newman, Judith Anderson and Jack Carson are in the skilful cast.

THE FIEND WHO WALKED THE WEST: Hollywood’s 1947 gangland

thriller, Kiss of Death, now reappears with a western setting. Robert Evans is a psychotic gunman, and Hugh O'Brian (behaving exactly like TV’s Wyatt Earp) is the stern ex-convict who tracks him down. Rating: fair.

THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE: There are some quite funny moments in this American comedy about high-society folderol in London, but the pace is often sluggish and the atmosphere strained. With Rex Harrison, Kay Kendall.

A TALE OF TWO CITIES: Dirk Bogarde is the drunken but self-sacrificing Sydney Carton in this latest filming of the Charles Dickens novel about the French Revolution. It sticks laudably close to the story and is well worth seeing but Hollywood’s 1935 production with Ronald Colman had more emotional impact. With Cecil Parker.

WHITE WILDERNESS: Walt Disney’s superbly gifted and tireless camera teams and film editors have invaded Canada’s Arctic wastes for their latest “True-Life Adventure,” a notable addition to the series. Rating: excellent.


The Badlanders: Western. Good.

The Bravados: Western. Good.

The Bridge on the River Kwai: Action drama. Tops.

The Brothers Karamazov: Drama. Good. Camp on Blood Island: Drama. Fair.

A Certain Smile: Drama. Fair.

Chase a Crooked Shadow: British sus-

pense thriller. Good.

Cole Younger, Gunfighter: Western. Fair.

Cry Terror!: Suspense. Good.

The Enemy Below: War at sea. Good.

Gates of Paris: French comedy-drama.


Gigi: Musical. Excellent.

God's Little Acre: Comedy-drama of Deep South. Good.

Gunman’s Walk: Western. Good.

High Cost of Loving: Comedy. Good.

Hot Spell: Domestic drama. Good.

I Married a Woman: Comedy. Poor.

Imitation General: Comedy. Fair.

Indiscreet: Comedy. Excellent.

Intent to Kill: Suspense. Good.

Just My Luck: Comedy. Poor.

Kathy O’: Movie-town comedy. Good.

The Key: War-and-love drama. Good.

The Left-Handed Gun: Western. Fair.

The Light in the Forest: Frontier drama. Good.


The Long, Hot Summer: Deep South

comedy-drama. Good.

The Lost Continent: Travelogue. Good. The Mark of the Hawk: Africa race-hate drama. Fair.

The Matchmaker: Comedy. Fair.

Merry Andrew: Comedy. Good.

No Time for Sergeants: Comedy. Fair. Orders to Kill: Drama. Excellent.

Paths of Glory: Drama. Excellent.

Proud Rebel: Frontier drama. Good. Rooney: British comedy. Good.

Seven Wonders of the World: Cinerama travelogue. Fair.

The Sheepman: Western comedy-drama. Good.

The Silent Enemy: War drama. Good. South Pacific: Musical. Good.

Stage Struck: Drama. Fair.

Teacher’s Pet: Comedy. Good.

10 North Frederick: Drama. Good.

This Happy Feeling: Comedy. Fair.

A Time to Love: War drama. Fair.

Too Much, Too Soon: Drama. Poor. Twilight for the Gods: Drama. Poor.

Vertigo: Mystery and suspense. Good.

The Vikings: Historical adventure-drama. Good.

Violent Playground: Drama. Fair.

Voice in the Mirror: Drama. Fair.