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CLYDE GILMOUR January 31 1959
Maclean's Movies

Maclean's Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR January 31 1959

Maclean's Movies


BEST BET AUNTIE MAME: Rosalind Russell turns in a flamboyant but beautifully controlled performance in the Hollywood version of the stage triumph. It's a farfetched hut very funny domestic comedy about an uninhibited dame whose philosophy is “Live! Live! Life is a banquet— and most poor suckers are starving to death!” Peggy Cass (left) contributes an adroit sketch as Mame’s lumpish secretary.

I HE INN OF THE SIXTH HAPPINESS: At least one third could easily he trimmed out of the running-time of two hours and forty minutes of this celluloid opus but those who don’t mind ultra-length will be rewarded by one of Ingrid Bergman’s warmest performances. She appears as a volunteer missionary who works her own way to China and shares the people’s misery, danger and contentment. With Curt Jurgens, Robert Donat.

MV' UNCLE: Rapturously acclaimed by many of the New York and European critics, this French comedy starring writer-director Jacques Tati seems to me to be markedly inferior to the high standard he set in Mr. Iliilot’s Holiday. A take-off on the gadgetry of modern living, it goes on and on and on. with some hearty laughs hut not enough of them.

I HE SHERIF F' OF F RACTURED JAW: The familiar joke—transplanting a rolled-umbrella Englishman to a Wild West filled with cowboys and Indians —wears thin ip this pleasant hut repetitious comedy. It is based on a Maclean’s short story by Jacob Hay. Kenneth More is the dude Londoner and Jayne Mansfield is the luxuriant saloon-gal who befriends him. Rating: fair.

FOLIES-BERGERE: Zizi Jeanmaire and Nadia Gray have handsome legs and display them generously in this French musical, but the enterprise hogs down in a wan effort to outdo Hollywood in the department of backstage razzle-dazzle.


Hell, Rook und Cundir: Comedy. Fair. The Ble Country: Western. Excellent

Cat on u Hot Tin Koof: Sexy drama of Deep South. Good.

Duntn Yankees: Fantasy-musical about

baseball. Excellent.

The Decks Ran Redt Drama, Fair.

The Delian! Ones: Drama. Tops. Dunkirk: War drama. Good,

The Fearmakers: Drama. Good.

Gijei: Musical. Excellent.

Home Before Dark: Drama. Fair.

The Horse’s Mouth: Comedy, Good. Houseboat: Romantic comedy. Good.

The Hunters: Aviation drama. Good.

Ice Cold in Alex: British drama of war in desert. Good.

Intent ft» Kill: Suspense. Good, i Want to Live!: Death-cell drama.

I Was Monty’s Doublet True-life hoax thriller. Good.

The East Hurrah: Comedy-drama. Good I.av* and Disorder: Comedy. Good.

The Man Inside: Crook drama. Fair. Mardi Gras: Comedy with music. Good, especially for Teen Set.

The Matchmaker: Comedy. Fair.

Me and the Colonel: Comedy. Good.

A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Kohhed: Crime farce. Poor.

A Night to Remember: True shipwreck drama. Good.

Nor the Moon by Night: Melodrama in African jungle. Fair.

Onionhead: War comedy. Fair.

Orders to Kill: Drama. Excellent.

Ta Parisienne: French farce. Good.

Party Girl: Gang drama. Good.

The Perfect Furlough: Comedy. Good.

Rockets Galore: British comedy. Good.

Rooney: Dublin comedy. Good.

The Roots of Hcasen: Drama. Good.

Sea of Sand: Desert war. Fair.

7th Voyage of Sinhad: Arabian Nights adventure for children. Good.

She Played with Fire: British crime mystery. Fair.

South Seas Adventure: Cinerama ultrawidescreen travelogue. Fair.

Stage Struck: Drama. Fair.

A Tale of Two Cities: Drama. Good.

lorn Thumb; Fairy-tale comedy. Good for adults; excellent for children.

Torpedo Run: War drama. Fair.

White Wilderness: Nature documentary.


Wind Across the Everglades: Drama. Fair.

The Wind Cannot Read: Drama. Good.