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CLYDE GILMOUR February 14 1959
Maclean's Movies

Maclean's Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR February 14 1959

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unexpectedly lively screen edition of James Jones’ obese novel. Frank Sinatra portrays a sardonic ex-GI who goes back home to Indiana and grapples with small-town hypocrisy, complicated women, imported hoodlums and other hazards. Shirley MacLaine, as a warmhearted dimwit who follows him around, turns in a notable performance under Vincente Minnelli's direction. Some of the story's many characters remain shadowy at the finish but the film knowingly combines tension and robust comedy. With Dean Martin, Martha Hyer, Arthur Kennedy.

ANNA LUCASTA: A Broadway hit in 1944-45 and an indifferent movie in 1949. Philip Yordan's bleak domestic drama returns to the screen as an allNegro production. Eartha Kitt does some painfully mechanical work in the central role of a prostitute who tries to break with her past. Rex Ingram is convincing as her old rotten-oak daddy, and so is Sammy Davis Jr. as the wildest of her boy friends.

FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON: Clever special-effects camera work fails to atone for a confused story and several wooden performances in a science-fiction fantasy based on a Jules Verne tale about the launching of a lunar rocket in 1868.

THE GEISHA BOY: The Jerry Lewis fans probably will love this, undismayed by the apathy of non-members. The producer-clown appears as a low-grade magician who goes to Japan and falls in love with a Tokyo blossom. My own rating is a four-letter word: Poor.

TONKA: Great stuff, no doubt, for the youngsters but fairly heavy going for more senior customers who are inclined to squirm when humans talk to animals and are rewarded with understanding snorts. It's about an Indian boy (Sal Mineo) who captures and trains a wild stallion. Plenty of soldiers-versusredskins action toward the finish.

THE TUNNEL OF LOVE: The prevailing tone is self-consciously “naughty” throughout much of this otherwise cheerful farce about the sex-life of married suburbanites in Connecticut. With Richard Widmark, Doris Day, Gig Young.


Auntie Mame: Comedy. Good.

Bell, Book and Candle: Comedy. Fair. The Big Country: Western. Excellent.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Sexy drama of Deep South. Good.

The Decks Ran Red: Drama. Fair.

The Déliant Ones: Drama. Tops.

Dunkirk: War drama. Good.

The Fearmakers: Drama. Good.

Folies-Bergère. French backstage musical. Fair.

Gigi: Musical. Excellent.

Home Before Dark: Drama. Fair.

The Horse's Mouth: Comedy. Good. Houseboat: Romantic comedy. Good.

The Hunters: Aviation drama. Good.

Ice Cold in Alex: British drama of war in desert. Good.

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness: China drama. Good but long.

Intent to Kill: Suspense. Good.

1 Want to Live!: Death-cell drama.


I Was Monty's Double: True-life hoax thriller. Good.

The Fast Hurrah: Comedy-drama. Good. Law and Disorder: Comedy. Good.

The Man Inside: Crook drama. Fair.

Mardi Gras: Comedy with music. Good especially for Teen Set.

Vie and the Colonel: Comedy. Good.

My Fncle: French comedy. Fair.

A Night to Remember: True shipwreck drama. Good.

Onionhead: War comedy. Fair.

Orders to Kill: Drama. Excellent.

La Parisienne: French farce. Good.

Party Girl: Gang drama. Good.

The Perfect Furlough: Comedy. Good.

Rockets Galore: British comedy. Good.

Rooney: Dublin comedy. Good.

The Roots of Heaven: Drama. Good.

Sea of Sand: Desert war. Fair.

7th Voyage of Sinbad: Arabian Nights

adventure for children. Good.

She Played With Fire: British crime

mystery. Fair.

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw: Wild West comedy. Fair.

South Seas Adventure: Cinerama ultrawidescreen travelogue. Fair.

Stage Struck: Drama. Fair.

Tom Thumb: Fairy-tale comedy. Good

for adults; excellent for children.

Torpedo Run: W'ar drama. Fair.

White Wilderness: Nature documentary. Excellent.

The Wind Cannot Read: Drama. Good.