April 25 1959


April 25 1959



Biggest problem for more than 300,000 Canadian women is height; they're taller than 5 ft. 8 in. This spring they'll get special advice— from The Tall Girl’s Handbook (Doubleday) by Gwen Davenport. How should they behave? “Accept your height. Dress your age and don’t wear what doesn't fit. Never carry an umbrella,” says Mrs. Davenport, herself a six-footer. One advantage: Arthur Murray says tall girls are better dancers. Tall girls have already

formed clubs in Vancouver, Edmonton, Hamilton and Toronto.


A big headache in the development of the north has always been the Eskimo’s failure to cash in on any boom. Now one company may have found a solution. North Rankin Nickel Mines on northern Hudson Bay is teaching Eskimo hunters elementary prospecting; they're shown mineral samples and told to report anything similar they see. They're paid now in grocery chits. But an Eskimo who spots a valuable deposit will “share handsomely in the profits,” says North Rankin vice-

president Dr. Wilf Weber. This summer 32 Eskimos will go out with four company parties. Next year they may be taken on staff.


Every time an RCAF plane crashes it makes a headline. But few people know the Air Force loses more personnel in auto smash-ups than in air accidents (83 killed in cars in two years; 72 in airplanes).

This summer RCAF safety supervisors will study ground traffic in a special course at Aylmer, Ont.

They’ll spread the gospel in a steppedup safety program at all air force bases.

Millions of

Canadians have seen former Holly wood actress Betty Furness selling Westinghouse products in T~ commercials. But

in Canadian commercials they see only her face; the hands and arms belong to Canadian actress Barbara Chercover. Peterson Product ions in Toronto shoots special footage wherever ther&s a close-up of a Canadian Westinghouse product. slightly different from U. S. models. It's spliced into imported commercials.