Canada is seen as a modern Switzerland Is Tommy Douglas too funny? Why B.C. undergrads are carrying umbrellas

April 25 1959


Canada is seen as a modern Switzerland Is Tommy Douglas too funny? Why B.C. undergrads are carrying umbrellas

April 25 1959


Canada is seen as a modern Switzerland Is Tommy Douglas too funny? Why B.C. undergrads are carrying umbrellas

YOUR EDITORIAL, The Dilemma of our Defense Policy (March 28) took courage—and much good sense. Were Canada to act upon it we might outgrow our tag-along status and become pioneers once more, and in a new dimension. — HUBERT EVANS, ROBERT’S CREEK, B.C.

* 1 can hardly agree with you. It’s a good thing we are closely linked with the U. S. Canada won't be spared, for the Russians are only out to steal what they can or what others have worked hard FOR.-SAMUEL J. CORBETT, NORTH


* I know that I reflect the feeling of many church folk when I say that your leadership is something they have prayed for.—REV. FRANK A. MCPHEE, KIMBERLEY, B.C.

* . . . well stated, very timely, and needs to be said over and over again.



^ Why cannot Canada become the modern Switzerland—a place of refuge not DEFENSE?-A. J. MAYBEE, NEW LIS-



* . . . reminds me of an equally silly statement made by M. J. Coldwell in the House of Commons, in the middle 1930s. He said, in effect, “Belgium armed and was attacked by the Germans in 1914; Denmark did not arm and was not attacked.”—o. A. MCCARTER, VICTORIA.

High fashion in Vancouver

As an easterner who has spent a few years on the University of British Co-

lumbia campus, I take exception to Preview of March 28. The carrying of an umbrella at UBC, or anywhere in Vancouver for that matter, is not a fad but an absolute NECESSITY.-PHILIP C. EASTMAN, VANCOUVER.

Legislative levity

To Premier Tommy Douglas politics may be a laughing matter (Mar. 28). But to those who have to endure the galling effects of his nonsense translated into legislation, it would be happier if there was more sincerity and less levity, more common sense and less NONSENSE.-GEORGE MILLER, LANIGAN, SASK.

* Please print some more humorous sayings of members of parliament. This old world needs more things to laugh



Sentimental about spring

Robert Thomas Allen’s The Spring We Knew When We Were Kids (Mar. 28) was funny and sentimental without being cloying. Canadians don’t fully appreciate Maclean’s; its standard of writing is EXCELLENT.-TREVOR LAUTENS,


* 1 can still feel the thrill of exchanging my prickly woollies for soft cool cotton and my padded bonnet for a jaunty straw sailor hat, and with my

petticoats rustling and my pigtails flying in the breeze 1 needed no boys wading in muddy creeks to tell me spring had come. — MISS GERTRUDE JEEVES,


Not by the book

I have read with deep interest How I Found The Man Who Killed My Son (Feb. 28). I am very sorry, if the story is exact, at the attitude of the police in this matter. I am the founder and former commanding officer of the Montreal Police Department’s Missing Persons Bureau, and when I was officiating, 1 tried to do so in a humanitarian manner and definitely not by the “book.” Never in all the years I spent in this work did a person have to wait more than 20 minutes at the most to see ME.-WILLIAM G. PHILLIPS, LIEUTENANT OF DETECTIVES, MONTREAL.

Are anthems holy?

Hereward Allix (Does Canada really need a National Anthem?, Mar. 28) seems to be ignorant of the fact that the constitutions of the Commonwealth nations are derived from Holy Writ, and their citizens are—at least nominally—Christians. The origins of Britain’s national flag, the Union Jack, are also Christian. Our national anthem, God Save the Queen, far from being boastful and pompous, is a humble prayer for protection and prosperity. What’s wrong

with that?-MRS. M. G. CADWALLADER,


It is high time Canadians realized that such symbols as flags and anthems are prerequisites to national unity.— DONALD A. WILHELM, SASKATOON.

^ The article cannot be improved upon. Canada does not need a national anthem any more than a national flag; both are not conducive to a united CANADA.-J. A. TARDIF, ST. LAMBERT, QUE. *