Maclean's Movie

Maclean's Movie

CLYDE GILMOUR June 20 1959
Maclean's Movie

Maclean's Movie

CLYDE GILMOUR June 20 1959

Maclean's Movie


WARLOCK: Henry Fonda (right) as a graceful, sardonic and thoroughly efficient free-lance “town tamer” and Anthony Quinn as his devoted but sinister side-kick are the most interesting characters in this solid “adult western.” With Richard Widmark, Dorothy Malone.

ALIAS JESSE JAMES: Two previous Bob Hope mock-westerns, Paleface in 1948 and Fancy Pants in 1950, were funnier than his latest spoof of gunfighters and saloon brawlers. The inevitable dance-hall queen is decoratively played by Rhonda Fleming. Rating: fair.

CARRY ON NURSE: This kind of trash often flourishes at the box office but discriminating customers are hereby warned that it's a vulgar and repetitious hospital farce from Britain. Rating: poor.

GREEN MANSIONS: The ethereal Audrey Hepburn was a good choice to portray a mysterious “bird girl” of the Venezuelan forests in the screen version of W. H. Hudson's novel. But Mel Ferrer’s ponderous direction and a gauzypoetic ending defeat the worthy project. With Anthony Perkins, Lee J. Cobb.

THE MAN UPSTAIRS: An intelligent, decently done psychological drama from Britain. Richard Attenborough appears as a man whose emotional turmoil brings about a virtual state of siege in the drab lodging house where he is hiding from the world.

THIS EARTH IS MINE: A long and complicated soap-opera about a dynasty of California grape-growers. The cast includes Rock Hudson, Jean Simmons, C laude Rains, Dorothy McGuire and a new Hollywood temptress named Cindy Robbins. Rating: fair.

WATUSI: A Sequel to 1950’s King Solomon’s Mines. Some of the African jungle-and-veldt scenery is eye-filling but the story and acting are not much above the comic-strip level. With George Montgomery, Taina Elg, David Farrar.

THE YOUNG PHILADELPHIANS: The sudsy flavor of old-fashioned daytime serials is often prominent in this overlong high-society drama but the job is done with a lot of skill throughout. Paul Newman's role is that of a toughminded young lawyer who gradually discovers he’s a better human being than he had supposed.


Adventures of Arsène Lupin: French detective comedy. Fair.

AI Capone: Real-life crime drama. Good.

Bachelor of Hearts: Comedy. Fair.

The Captain's Table: Comedy. Fair.

Carlton-Browne of the F.O.: British comedy. Good.

Compulsion: Crime drama. Good.

Count Your Blessings: Comedy. Fair.

A Cry From the Streets: British drama re orphans. Fair.

The Defiant Ones: Drama. Tops.

the Doctor's Dilemma: Edwardian satire by G.B.S. Fair.

First Man Into Space: Horror. Fair.

Floods of Fear: Drama. Fair.

Gigi: Musical. Excellent.

The Horse’s Mouth: Comedy. Good.

Ice-Cold in Alex: British drama of war in desert. Good.

Imitation of Life: Drama. Good.

It Happened to Jane: Comedy. Good.

I Want to Live!: Death-cell drama. Good.

I Was Monty’s Double: True-life hoax thriller. Good.

The Journey: Cold War drama. Good.

The Lost Missile: Science fiction. Fair. Me and the Colonel: Comedy. Good.

My World Dies Screaming: Drama. Poor. Naked Maja: Historical drama. Poor. Never Steal Anything Small: Labor-union musical comedy. Fair.

The Nighl Heaven Fell: Drama. Poor.

A Night to Remember: True shipwreck drama. Excellent.

The Perfect Furlough: Comedy. Good. Pork Chop Hill: War drama. Good. Rockets Galore: British comedy. Good. Room at the Top: Adult drama from Britain. Excellent.

Sea Fury: Action drama. Fair.

Separate Tables: Drama. Good.

The Shaggy Dog: Comic fantasy for children. Good.

Smiles of a Summer Night: Comedydrama from Sweden. Good.

Some Like It Hot: Comedy. Fair.

The Square Peg: Spy comedy. Fair.

These Thousand Hills: Western. Good. The 39 Steps: Comedy thriller. Good.

Too Many Crooks: Comedy. Good.

Tread Softly Stranger: Drama. Poor.

Virgin Island: Romantic comedy. Fair.