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IT HAPPENED TO JANE: Doris Day as a Maine lobsterwoman with spunk, Jack Lemmon as her adoring small-

town lawyer, and Ernie Kovacs as a ruthless old smoothie of a railroad president are the embattled principals in this enjoyable Hollywood comedy. Directed by Richard Quine, it calls to mind the robust but sentimental Mr. Deeds and Mr. Smith folk-sagas Frank Capra used to make.

NEVER STEAL ANYTHING SMALL: Tongue-in-cheek borrowings from Guys and Dolls and On the Waterfront seem to be mixed in this tossed salad of a gangland musical comedy. It stars James Cagney as a tarnished Robin Hood of the New York docks who brazenly insists that anything he does for his stevedores’ union is morally justified. With Shirley Jones, Roger Smith. Rating: fair.

THE NIGHT HEAVEN FELL: A melodrama from France. It’s a dreary specimen. except possibly for Brigitte Bardot worshippers so dedicated that they will endure any amount of boredom for another glimpse of the pouty little sex-goddess wearing as few garments as the censors will allow.

SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT: Ingmar Bergman, the heart-chilling genius of Swedish films, is one of the few writer-directors who can create a sardonic allegory about the emptiness of human existence in the form of a frisky boudoir comedy. The final product is pervaded by a central bleakness but flawlessly put together and beautifully acted by the Swedish cast. English subtitles.

THE 39 STEPS: This is a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s fondly remembered 1935 mystery-thriller based on the John Buchan novel. Kenneth More and Taina Elg are likeable and competent in the roles originally played by Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll, and there are some sharp cameos among the supporting players. Director Ralph Thomas falls far short of the Hitchcock standard, but the new version deserves a “good” in the ratings.


Al Capone: Real-life crime drama. Good. Anna Lucasta: Drama. Fair.

Auntie Víame: Comedy. Good.

Bachelor of Hearts: Comedy. Fair.

Bell, Book and Candle: Comedy. Fair. The Captain's Table: Comedy. Fair. Carlton-Browne of the F.O.: British

comedy. Good.

Compulsion: Crime drama. Good,

Count Your Blessings: Comedy. Fair.

A Cry From the Streets: British drama re orphans. Fair.

The Defiant Ones: Drama. Tops.

The Doctor’s Dilemma: Edwardian satire by G.B.S. Fair.

F'irst Man Into Space: Horror. Fair.

Floods of Fear: Drama. Fair.

Foxiest Girl in Paris: Comedy. Fair. Gideon of Scotland Yard: Detective comedy-drama. Poor.

Gigi: Musical. Excellent.

The Horse's Mouth: Comedy. Good. Ice-Cold in Alex: British drama of war in desert. Good.

Imitation of Life: Drama. Good.

I Want to Livet: Death-cell drama. Good. I Was Monty’s Double: True-life hoax thriller. Good.

The Journey: Cold War drama. Good.

The Lost Missile: Science fiction. Fair. Me and the Colonel: Comedy. Good. Naked Maja: Historical drama. Poor.

A Night to Remember: True shipwreck drama. Excellent.

Operation Amsterdam: War adventure.


Orders to Kill: Drama. Excellent.

The Perfect Furlough: Comedy. Good. Pork Chop Hill: War drama. Good.

The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker:

"Naughty” comedy. Fair.

Rockets Galore: British comedy. Good. Room at the Top: Adult drama from Britain. Excellent.

Separate Tables: Drama. Good.

The Shaggy Dog: Comic fantasy for children. Good.

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw: Wild West comedy. Fair.

Some Like It Hot: Comedy. Fair.

The Sound and the Fury: Deep South drama. Fair.

The Spy oil W’ilhelmstrasse: British espionage drama. Good.

The Square Peg: Spy comedy. Fair. Tempest: Historical drama. Good.

These Thousand Hills: Western. Good. Virgin Island: Romantic comedy. Fair.