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CLYDE GILMOUR August 29 1959
Maclean's Movies

Maclean's Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR August 29 1959

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ANATOMY OF A MURDER: A topnotch courtroom drama, adapted from the popular novel by Robert Traver.

Lee Remick, one of Hollywood’s more plausible temptresses, portrays an armycamp wife whose jealous husband, a lieutenant, is on trial for killing the man who raped her. James Stewart (left) gives the best performance of his career as the defense lawyer. The role of the judge, a humane wisecracker, is soundly played by real-life counselor Joseph N. Welch in his acting debut. Intended for adults, the film is frank in its language but never cheaply sensational, and it is superb entertainment all the way. With Ben Gazzara. Eve Arden, Arthur O'Connell. George C. Scott.

THE MAN WHO WOULDN’T TALK: Another courtroom saga, this time from Britain. The scenes before the bench are handsomely done but the previous melodramatics are sometimes on the silly side, featuring Zsa Zsa Gabor as a glamorous spy. Anthony Quayle is accused of murdering her, and Anna Neagle is the trim Portia who defends him.

NORTH BY NORTHWEST: Suspense king Alfred Hitchcock successfully reaffirms his continuing sovereignty in that department with this beguiling comedy-thriller. A gang of spies and Uncle Sam's police are both chasing Cary Grant, with James Mason as a silky villain and Eva Marie Saint as a lady who may or may not be as nice as she seems.

SAY ONE FOR ME: A Catholic priest (Bing Crosby) with a parish in the middle of Broadway's showbusiness is the central character in this mildly diverting comedy-drama. Robert Wagner is a wolfish hoofer, and Debbie Reynolds a shapely parishioner who falls into his clutches. Ray Walston turns in a thoughtful vignette as a good piano-man enslaved by the bottle.

TEN SECONDS TO HELL: An Anglo-American drama in which the fatalistic “heroes’’ are German bomb-disposal men working for the Allied occupation forces in postwar Berlin. There arc undeniable excitements in the second-bysecond defusing of a monstrous hunk of destruction, and Jack Palance does well as a sensitive soul caught up in these macabre tasks. The film, however, evidently strives for profundities which never quite come through. With Jeff Chandler, Martine Carol.


Ask Any Girl: Comedy. Good.

Behind the Mask: Hospital drama. Fair.

The Big Circus: Comedv-drama. Good.

Carllon-Browne of the K.O.: British comedy. Good.

Compulsion: Crime drama. Good.

Count Your Blessings: Comedy. Fair.

The Cranes Are Flying: Russian love-andwar drama. Good.

Cry Tough: Crime drama. Good.

The Defiant Ones: Drama. Tops.

The Diary of Anne Frank: Drama. Excellent.

The 5 Pennies: Biog-musical. Good.

Gigi: Musical. Excellent.

Hercules: Superman extravaganza. Poor . . . but unintentionally funny.

The H-Man: Science fiction. Fair.

A Hole in the Head: Comedy. Good.

The Horse Soldiers: Adventure in Civil War. Good.

Hound of the Baskervilles: Sherlock Holmes mystery. Fair.

Idle on Parade: Army farce. Fair.

I Only Arskedt: Army farce. Fair.

It Happened to Jane: Comedy. Good.

John Paul Jones: Historical drama of oldtime navy. Fair.

Fast Train From Gun Hill: Suspense western. Good.

Middle of the Night: Drama. Fair.

Murder by Contract: Suspense. Good.

The Mysterians: Science fiction. Fair. Naked Maja: Historical drama. Poor.

The Nun's Story: Drama. Excellent.

Pork Chop Hill: War drama. Good.

Room at the Top: Adult drama from Britain. Excellent.

Sapphire: British whodunit. Fair.

Separate Tables: Drama. Good.

Shake Hands With the Devil: Irish drama, (jood.

Some Like It Hot: Comedy. Fair.

The Square Peg: Spy comedy. Fair.

The 39 Steps: Comedy thriller. Good.

This Earth Is Mine: Drama. Fair.

Tiger Bay: Suspense drama. Good.

Too Many Crooks: Comedy . Good. Warlock: Western. Good.

Watusi: Jungle adventure. Fair.

Whirlpool: Riverboat drama. Poor.

The Wild and the Innocent: Rustic comedydrama. Poor.

Woman Obsessed: Farm drama. Poor.

The Young Philadelphians: Drama. Good.