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CLYDE GILMOUR December 17 1960
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies


CLYDE GILMOUR December 17 1960

Maclean’s Movies



THE ALAMO: Outnumbered by more than thirty to one, the defenders of San Antonio's Alamo fortress held out for

thirteen days before being massacred to the last man during Texas' rebellion against Mexican tyranny in 1836. Britain's Laurence Harvey (above) ably portrays the doomed garrison's foppish, valiant commanding officer in this massive made-in-Texas movie about the battle. Producer-director John Wayne appears as the heroic Tennessee buffoon. [)avy Crockett, with Richard Widmark as the fiery Jim Bowie, king of the knife-fighters. The film is sometimes too gabby and too sentimental but is magnificent to look at. and the inexorable climax is awesome in its scope and fury. The screenplay by James Fdward Grant reflects the fact that the Alamo chronicle is a compound of truths. half truths and romantic legends. It also shows that there was bravery on both sides.

AREN’T WE WONDERFUL?: A pungent satirical drama from West Germany. It bluntly asserts that even the "good" Germans of the 1930s ought to blame themselves for Hitler’s rise, and that many unrepentant cx-Nazis today hold '§ positions of power in their enigmatic Fatherland.

p A BREATH OF SCANDAL: One of Ferenc Molnar’s romantic comedies from an earlier generation has been turned into a rather soggy fairytale, ¡I starring Sophia Loren as an Austrian princess — frisky but basically wholc-

Ü some — who must choose between a prince from Prussia and a chivalrous

Mr. Nobody from America (John Gavin). As her sophisticated father, Maurice Chevalier toils hard but in vain to make yesterday’s ginger ale taste like today’s champagne.

IT HAPPENED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT: From Sweden, with a dubbed || English soundtrack, comes this quiet but fascinating suspense thriller about a henpecked fat man whose way of avenging himself against women is to murder little girls in the forest. The detective (Heinz Riihmann) is laudably free of p the egotism and eccentricities often noted in cinematic sleuths.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN: One of Akira Kurasawa's Japanese masterig works, variously known as Samurai and Seven Samurai, is the unacknowledged

Ü source of this handsome but pretentious Hollywood western, starring Yul

Brynner. Seven gunslingers arc hired to defend a Mexican village against M bandits, and arc somehow ennobled amid the slaughter.

TEN WHO DARED: The Powell expedition along the Colorado River in 1869 has been used as the foundation of a mildly interesting adventure film produced by Walt Disney. With Brian Keith, John Beal.


The Angry Silence: Drama. Good.

The Apartment: Romantic comedy-drama. Excellent.

As the Sea Rages: Melodrama. Poor.

Bells Are Ringing: Comedy. Good. Butterfield 8: Sexy drama. Fair.

Cinderfella: Farce-fantasy. Poor.

Cone of Silence: Suspense. Good.

Desire in the Dust: Drama. Fair.

The Eighth Day of the Week: Polish

drama. Good.

Elmer Gantry: Comedy-drama. Excellent. The Entertainer: British drama. Good.

Girl of the Night: Adventure. Fair.

House of Usher: Horror. Good.

1 Aim at the Stars: Drama. Good.

Inherit the Wind: Courtroom drama. Good.

Jungle Cat: Wildlife actuality. Good.

Let’s Make Love: Comedy. Good. Midnight Lace: Suspense. Fair.

The Night Fighters: Irish drama. Fair. Psycho: Hitchcock horror. Good.

Savage Innocents: Eskimo drama. Fair. Song Without End: Biog musical. Good. Spartacus: Gladiator drama. Good. Sunrise at Campobello: FDR biog drama. Excellent.

Surprise Package: Comedy. Good.

Swiss F'amily Robinson: Adventure. Good. Under Ten Flags: Sea war. Good.

Where the Hot Wind Blows: Italian sexy melodrama. Poor.