February 27 1960


February 27 1960


Two New Canadians who wouldn’t kill their brothers It the Maritimes secede, who’ll defend them? Does living beyond our income doom North America?

I HEARTILY ENDORSE the remarks in your Jan. 30 editorial (Must a good New Canadian be ready to kill his brother?). My wife and I came to this country from Northern Ireland in 1952 and have two little Canadians ... In view of the silly question asked the young Italian immigrant, I will he hesitant about applying for citizenship as I’m afraid I would answer in a like manner. - IM RCY EVANS, MONTREAL.

Your nominee for the Canadian Citizen for I960 would accept “our w'ay of living” which I fought for in the First War, but when it comes to fighting any country to maintain this way of living he would refuse. I would suggest he go back from where he came and take the editor who wrote this article w'ith him. - NORMAN WEBB, TORONTO.

^ Had I been asked the same question (I was naturalized in 1953 ) my answer would have been pretty much the same as that of Giorgio Cappellozzo. Fortunately, the judge who handled my application was a man w'orthy of his calling.


Your editorial was an encouragement to deny the rights of the state to make or enforce laws . . . T he duty of man is clear — to guard and fight for the state if he is of the state. — ALEXANDER


^ The editorial was a sympathetic and entirely just consideration of a most unfortunate INCIDENT.-GIBSON INKSETTER,


The magic world of Allen

After reading Robert Thomas Allen’s article, What I learned from the magic world of books (Jan. 30), I just had to write and say how much I enjoyed ev-

ery word of it . . . My mother had a terrible time getting my sisters and myself to do anything if we had our nose firmly placed in a book. At times she couldn't find us at all, as we would be anywhere perched in a tree, on the roof, or curled up on our bed. - MRS. KÍM SACHT. SAYWORD, B.C.

^ I had a thoroughly pleasant hour lying on the chesterfield with the pop concert for background music and really exulting in some fine writing which certainly spoke truth to me. There is so little of this sort of thing in Canada . . . -MARION J. CLARKE, TORONTO.

Should the west secede too?

Leslie Roberts’ article. The Maritimes Should Secede from Canada (For the sake of argument, Jan. 30) is the best analysis of and suggested remedy for the Maritime situation I have ever read. He hits the heart of the matter — not the "broken promises” of time-serving politicians — but the hard fact that the Maritimes and Newfoundland must get out of Confederation or perish. — MALCOLM R. MaCKAY, NEW GLASGOW, N.S.

^ God bless Leslie Roberts. Let's go one further. Let the provinces west of Ontario secede also. Then let Ontario and Quebec with their industries “hatch-

ed" under the "brooder stove” of tariffs compete in the world MARKETS.-FRANK J. DIETZ, LOREBURN, SASK.

The same arguments Roberts used can apply to the four western provinces. They should also begin to think along these lines ... - F. w. WOLOSHYN,


^ Roberts’ argument was good but not devastating enough. As a native of Ontario and a lover of Quebec, I once resented many of the remarks made by Maritimers. but that w'as a w'hile ago.— REV. JAMES D. TILLER, UNTONVILLE, ONT.

^ Roberts doesn't suggest what we should do about old-age pensions, family allowances, half fhe cost of hospital insurance, etc., etc. Or what about defense? Could we pay for our own or are we to sponge on Canada or Britain? The U. S. certainly would not want to add us to their already depressed New England STATES.-MARY WADDELL, FREDERICTON.

'S I w'ould greatly regret seeing my native province of New' Brunswick a party in such a drastic step. However, I do agree wholeheartedly with Roberts' pointed and factual presentation of the case and sincerely hope that this and other articles will stir the government and people of Canada to recognize the very grave economic position of the people of the Maritimes. — FORD E.


Will our children pay?

From a practicing economist wTio is also interested in the human race, including its follies, congratulations for printing Parkinson's Second Law (Jan. 30). I for one don't worry about the Communists. What is going to bring about our downfall is the North American habit of living beyond our income and charging it to our children. My own opinion is that time is running short. - ROBERT SYRETT, LONDON, ONT. if