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Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR March 26 1960
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR March 26 1960

Maclean’s Movies


THE LAST VOYAGE: Suspense is spun out almost to the edge of audience hysteria in this terror-at-sea thriller. It's about the disastrous aftermath of a fire and a series of explosions in a midAtlantic luxury liner. The hard-driven cast under Andrew Stone's taut direction includes Edmond O'Brien (left) as an engineer. Robert Stack and Dorothy Malone as a married couple involved in the tragedy, and Woody Strode (former lineman with the C algary Stampeders) as a helpful giant from below decks.

THE GAZEBO: (denn Ford s overacting in the role of a bumbling killer is a handicap in this comedy-of-murdcrs. lie's a TV genius who decides to get rid of a blackmailer. With Debbie Reynolds, Carl Reiner. John McGiver.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: A leering boudoir farce about a middle-aged hotblood (David Niven) who waits until his thirteenth wedding anniversary before openly announcing that he and his wife (Mitzi Gaynor) lived together for a year before approaching the altar. Rating: fair.

ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING! Yul Brynner as a dynamic symphony conductor and the late Kay Kendall as his fiery wife are the stars of this farfetched but sometimes quite funny comedy. She wants a divorce but is hampered by the awkward fact that they have never been formally married.

SINK THE BISMARCK! This is an exciting and convincing war-at-sea drama from Britain. Based on a book by C. S. Forester, it presents — with only a few fictitious ornaments — the true story of the titanic battle between the Royal Navy and Hitler's mightiest warship in the gloomy spring of 1941. With Kenneth More. Dana Wvnter. Laurence Naismith.

WHO WAS THAT LADY? Many a promising comedy begins with a good basic idea but squanders itself in frenzied overexertion. This one is an example. A TV smoothie (Dean Martin) persuades a chemistry professor (Tony Curtis) to masquerade as an FBI man so that the professor's wife (Janet Leigh) will believe the cutie he kissed in the laboratory was a foreign spy. Rating: fair.


Keii-Hur: Biblical drama. Excellent.

The Bi« Fisherman: Bible drama. Fair.

The Bramble Bush: “Adult” drama, l air. A Bucket of Blood: Horror “comedy.” Foor.

Cash McCall: Comedy-drama. Fair. Eugene Onegin: Filmed opera. Good. Expresso Bongo: British comedy. Good.

Ferry to Hong Kong: British comedydrama. Fair.

The FBI Story: G-man drama. Good.

The 5 Pennies: Biog-musical. Good. Flame Over India: Drama. Good.

Four East Guns: Western. Fair.

Gene Krupa Story: Biog-musical. Fair. Girls Town: Reformatory drama. Poor. Goliath and the Barbarians: “Historical” action drama. Poor.

A Hole in the Head: Comedy. Good. Home From the Hill: Drama. Good.

I'm All Right. Jack: Comedy. Good. Journey to the Centre of the Earth:

S c i e n c e - f i c t i o n. Good.

Ilie Last Angry Man: Drama. Good.

Left, Right and Centre: Comedy. Fair.

Li'l Abner: Comic musical. Good.

The Man Who Understood Women:

Romantic comedy. Fair.

Masters of the Congo Jungle: African documentary story. Excellent.

The Mouse That Roared: Comedy. Good.

Never So Few: War romance. Good.

The Nun’s Story: Drama. Excellent.

Odds Against Tomorrow: Drama. Good. On the Beach: Atom-survival drama. Good. Pillow Talk: Comedy. Excellent.

The Purple Gang: Crime drama. Poor. The Rookie: Army comedy. Poor.

Room at the Top: Adult drama from Britain. Excellent.

Seven Thieves: Crime drama. Good.

She Didn’t Say No: Comedy. Fair. Solomon and Shelia: “Bible” epic. Fair. SOS Pacific: Suspense drama. Good.

The Story on Page One: Courtroom drama. Excellent.

Suddenly. Last Summer: Ultra-“adult” psychological drama. Fair.

A Summer Place: Drama. Fair.

They Came to Cordura: Drama. Good. Third Man on the Mountain: Alpine drama. Good.

Upstairs and Downstairs: Comedy. Fair. Nice Raid: Crime drama. Poor.

The Wonderful Country: Western. Good. The Wreck of the Mary Deare: Sea

mystery-drama. Excellent.