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Eleanor H. Porter’s 1913 best-seller about a relentlessly cheerful little girl has been turned into an astonishingly pleasant movie under Walt Disney's supervision. The producer's choice for the title role. England's thirtecn-year-old Hayley Mills, richly fulfils the promise she showed as a tough Welsh ragamuffin in Tiger Bay. Adolphe Menjou appears as a cranky old recluse who demonstrates to Pollyanna that with sunlight and a bit of crystal you can make your own rainbows at home. Also in the expert cast are Jane Wyman as the heroine's tight-lipped Aunt Polly. Agnes Moorehead as a whining hypochondriac, and Karl Malden as a hell-and-brimstone preacher. They all fall under Pollvanna's sunny spell. Corn is the basic fare here, but it's well cooked and full-flavored.

BABETTE GOES TO WAR: Brigitte Bardot forsakes her custom by keeping her clothes on throughout this French spy comedy. There is an amusing performance by Francis Blanche as a baleful but stupid Gestapo bigwig.

1HE GIANT OF MARATHON: In the division of brainless "spectaculars" this eye-filling melodrama about the days of ancient Greece is an undeniable whopper — and. on the whole, quite good fun if you leave your adult skepticism in the check-room. A great Olympic champion (Steve Reeves) and his brother-athletes defend Athens against an invading Persian horde.

GIRLS AT SEA: A British comedy that stems from the traditions of musichall slapstick. It is not recommended for customers who prefer subtlety and urbanity. In its own pants-kicking way. however, the film stirs up a fair amount of hilarity from the familiar theme of shapely stowaways on board an austere warship. With Ronald Shiner, Guy Rolfe, Michael Hordern.

THE SORCERERS OF SALEM: A French film (with printed English translations) based on Arthur Miller's indignant American play, The Crucible, dealing with the witchcraft persecutions in Massachusetts in 1692. Jean-Paul Sartre’s screen version has moments when it drags, but Miller's jolting bodyblows against cowardly conformity and guilt-by-association are still full of power and fury. With Yves Montand, Simone Signoret, Raymond Rouleau.


All Ihe Fine Yount; Cannibals: Modern Texas drama. Poor.

Battle of the Sexes: Comedy. Fair. Ben-Hur: Biblical drama. Excellent.

The Bramble Bush: "Adult" drama. Fair.

Chaplin Revue: Three silent comedies.

Chance Meeting: Suspense drama. Good. Conspiracy of Hearts: Drama. Good.

A Dog of Flanders: Drama. Good.

The Enemy General: War drama. Fair.

Flame Over India: Drama. Good.

The 400 Blows: French drama about childhood. Excellent, l ate of a Man: Russian drama. Good.

Hie Fugitive Kind: Drama. Good.

Hell Beal for Feather: Western. Good. Heller in Pink l ights: Comedy-drama of wild-west show-biz. Good.

Hercules Unchained: Adventure. Fair. Home From the Hill: Drama. Good.

I'm All Right, Jack: Comedy. Good. Kidnapped: Adventure drama. Good.

Man on a String: Spy drama. Good.

Masters of the Congo Jungle: African documentary story. Excellent.

Odds Against Tomorrow: Drama. Good. Our Man in Havana: Spy comedy. Good. Please Don't Fat the Daisies: Domestic comedy. Fair.

Rosemary: Adult comedy-drama from Germany. Good.

Seven t hieves: Crime drama. Good.

Snow Queen: Cartoon feature. Fair. Stranglers of Bombay: Melodrama. Poor. Suddenly, Last Summer: Ultra-"adult” psychological drama. Fair, fake a Giant Step : Drama. Fair, fall Story: Campus comedy. I air.

The third Voice: Crime drama. Fair, fob) Tyler: Circus adventure. Good.

Too Soon to I.ove: Drama. Poor.

A touch of Larceny: Comedy. Good. Trial of Sgt. Rutledge: Drama. Fair. Two-Way Stretch: Comedy. Fxccllcni.

The Lnforgiven: Western drama. Good. Visit to a Small Planet: Jerry Lewis farce. Poor.

Wake Me When It’s Over: Comedy. Fair. Who Was That Lady? Comedy. Fair.