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CLYDE GILMOUR September 24 1960
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR September 24 1960

Maclean’s Movies


BELLS ARE RINGING: The offbeat charm, comic sense and assorted show-business talents of Judy Holliday constitute the prime reason why Hollywood’s edition of the Broadway musical is well worth seeing. Her role is that of a warm-hearted cutie in a telephone-answering service whose devotion to her clients goes far beyond the mere transmission of messages. There arc some lively songs as well, and Dean Martin is an acceptable leading man as a lethargic playwright whom our girl galvanizes into action. With Fred Clark, Eddie Foy.

DOC I OR IN I.OVE: 'I his British farce has received some harsh notices in the United Kingdom but I found it a reasonably diverting item. The funniest episode involves two physicians (Michael Craig, Leslie Phillips) and a pair of stripteasers (Liz Fraser, Joan Sims), all of whom volunteer as human guinea pigs in a research unit seeking a cure for the common cold.

HEEL TO ETERNITY: Though evidently based on fact, the martial exploits of the soldier hero (Jeffrey Hunter) are difficult to believe. The story, however, has some unhackneyed elements that deserve attention, including the circumstance that this GI Joe. a white American, was lovingly raised by Japanese — and couldn t forget it while on duty with Uncle Sam’s Marines.

NEVER I.ET GO: Many fans of the Peter Sellers comedies will be jolted by this sadistic British crime melodrama, in which the versatile fellow appears as a lecherous, brutal gangster in command of a car-theft racket. Richard Todd is his most resentful victim. Rating: fair.

ONE FOOT IN HEEL: Another good guy gone wrong (Alan Ladd) is the fanatically obsessed mass-murderer and bank robber in this unusual western. Ladd’s limitations as an actor are painfully obvious but the story holds interest and Don Murray convincingly portrays a proud, brooding southerner who ruefully joins the conspiracy.

OPERATION BULLSHINE: A hearty but over-familiar British army farce, brimming with mechanical chuckles about sex-in-uniform. Peter Jones is quite funny as a solemn gunner whose immense earnestness disguises the fact that nothing he says makes any sense whatever.

PSYCHO: Alfred Hitchcock’s latest is not his customary comedy-thriller but a gruesome horror tale with overtones of spiritualism and the padded cell, although as usual the master’s tongue is occasionally in his cheek. With Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh. Vera Miles. Rating: good.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn:

Comedy-drama. Fair.

Alive and Kicking: Comedy. Fair.

The Apartment: Romantic comedy-drama. Excellent.

Battle of the Sexes: Comedy. Fair.

The Bellboy: Jerry Lewis farce. Poor. Day They Robbed the Bank of England: Crime drama. Fair.

Don’t Panic, Chaps: Comedy. Fair.

Eltncr Gantry: Comedy-drama. Excellent. Flame Over India: Drama. Good.

For the Love of Mike: Boy-and-horse adventure drama. Fair.

From the Terrace: Drama. Fair.

The Fugitive Kind: Drama. Good, lee Palace: Alaska drama. Fair.

I’m Alt Right, Jack: Comedy. Good.

It’s a Wonderful World: British musical comedy. Fair.

It Started in Naples: Comedy. Fair.

The League of Gentlemen: Comedythriller about perfect crime. Good. Light Lp the Sky: War comedy. Poor.

The Lost World: Science fiction. Fair.

Man on a String: Spy drama. Good. Mountain Road: War drama. Fair. Murder, Inc: Gangster drama. Good.

Oscar Wilde: True-life drama. Good.

Potlyanna: Comedy-drama. Good.

Portrait in Black: Drama. Poor.

The Rat Race: Comedy-drama. Good. Royal Ballet: Dance documentary. Good. School for Scoundrels: Comedy. Good. Seven Thieves: Crime drama. Good. Strangers When We Meet: Drama. Fair. The Subterraneans: “Beat” drama. Poor. Swan Lake: Russian ballet. Good.

Tarzan the Magnificent: Jungle adventure. Fair.

13 Ghosts: Horror melodrama. Poor. Time Machine: Science fiction. Fair. Toby Tyler: Circus adventure. Good. Two-Way Stretch: Comedy. Excellent. The Lnforgiven: Western drama. Good. Walk Like a Dragon: Western. Fair.

Wild River: Romantic drama. Good.