Will the Teamsters lead a merger of outcast unions?


Will the Teamsters lead a merger of outcast unions?


Will the Teamsters lead a merger of outcast unions?


Within the next year, a group of maveick Canadian unions may join to form

new independent labor federation. The prospect is that it will be spearheaded by James Hoffa’s bumptious teamsters Union.

'The Canadian Labor Congress, this country’s big central labor organization nee the merger of two older federaons in 1956, has more than 1,100,000 members, but the list of those outside the Congress pale has been growing. The Teamsters, with 40,000 members, were expelled in 1960 for raiding another CLC affiliate. The International Upion of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers with 30,000 members, and the United Electrical Workers, with 18.000, have never been admitted: their national leadership is regarded as hewing too close to the Communist line. The Seafarers International Union (10,000 streng) and the Canadian section of the Operating Engineers Union (14.000) were ousted from the CLC for raiding. Othet groups like the United Mine Workers have stayed out of the CLC by choice.

The number of those expelled from the Cong ess or barred from entry now totals more than a tenth of the CLC’s roster, a^d some new candidates for expulsion are appearing. The United ' •■.Vi'dfiHCfhood of Carpenters and Joiners --third largest union in the CLC with 70,000 members — is on a collision

course with the International Woodworkers of America over the fate of Newfoundland's loggers. The 1WA lost a bitter strike there in 1959, thanks to the intervention of a government-fostered woods workers' union. Now the Carpenters, with Premier Smallwood’s tacit

endorsement, have moved in to take over the ineffective woods union. The 1WA is demanding that the Carpenters withdraw or be expelled from the Congress. The CLC has so far dodged this issue.

There are also some rumblings of discontent among public service employee unions in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. which complain that some of their

prospective members have been allocated by the Congress to the Civil Service Association.

The Teamsters are the logical leaders for a new federation. Holla's union, at its 1961 convention in Miami, handed itself a catch-all jurisdiction and created a division to welcome dissident unions, thus setting the stage for sponsorship of a rival federation if the opportunity presents itself.

A peculiarly Canadian factor which may coax the outcasts under the Teamster umbrella is the CLC’s enthusiastic support of the New Democratic Party. The Teamsters’ Canadian director. 1. M. (Casey) Dodds, says: “The salvation of labor unions depends on the Congress ceasing to be a political party and returning to its role of representing organized labor." Hd Lawson, Dodds' west coast lieutenant, has been just as vehement, and Holla, on a Vancouver sortie, also took a swipe at the CLC’s political slant. 1 hese men may find in the antipolitical theme a rallying cry for other outcast unions. The Seamen and the Operating Engineers have never been politically oriented. Mine-Mill and the United Electrical Workers, which proclaim their devotion to one big labor-backed party, are certain to be excluded from the NDP. and can be counted on to display no affection for the new party after that.



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