January 22 1966


January 22 1966


Hot Drinks That Cheer

Old Grog was the sobriquet of Edward Vernon, an admiral responsible for diluting British sailors’ rum in the early eighteenth century. Long ago, Vernon was forgiven and forgotten; his nickname now connotes log fires and steaming mugs of good cheer. Seven specimens:

CAFE BRULOT (above, foreground)

9 oz. cognac • 8 tsps. sugar 2 sticks cinnamon, broken

1 twist lemon peel • 12 whole cloves

2 large twists orange peel

5 demitasse cups black coffee Place all ingredients except coffee

in a chafing dish. Heat gently, stirring constantly with a metal ladle until well warmed. Blaze (with match) and let burn about a minute. Slowly stir in the black coffee. Ladle into demitasse cups. Serves eight.

HOT SCOTCH OR RYE (above, left)

3 oz. liquor • 1 twist lemon peel 1 lump sugar • 1 cinnamon stick

Dissolve a lump of sugar in a thimbleful of hot water in a small tumbler. Add a piece of cinnamon stick, a twist of lemon peel and 3 oz. of liquor. Stir in hot water to taste.

HOT TODDIES (above, centre back)

IV2 oz. brandy, rum or whisky 1 tsp. sugar • 4 cloves • lemon

Garnish lemon slice with cloves. Dissolve sugar in thimbleful of hot water in Old-Fashioned glass and insert silver spoon. Add liquor, lemon slice; fill up with boiling water.

TOM AND JERRY (above, right)

IV2 oz. Jamaican rum

VA OZ. brandy • VA tsp. allspice

1 egg • 1 tsp. powdered sugar

Beat the egg yolk while adding Vz tsp. sugar, rum and spice. Mix Vz tsp. sugar with egg white and beat to a stiff froth. Add to mixture. Pour in brandy and stir well. Stir in IV2 oz. hot water, and dust with nutmeg.

ALE FLIP (not shown)

1 quart ale • 4 eggs 4 tbs. sugar • Vz tsp. nutmeg

Place 1 quart of ale in a saucepan, place on heat and let it come to a boil. Have ready the whites of 2 eggs and yolks of 4, well-beaten separately. Add them bit by bit to 4 tbs. sugar which have been moistened with a little water and sprinkled with V2 tsp. nutmeg. When all are mixed, pour in the hot ale, beating as you do so. Then pour from the original bowl into another one several times until the flip is smooth and frothy. Serves 4.

NEGUS (not shown)

1 bottle sherry or port 1 lemon • 6 cubes sugar vanilla • nutmeg

Heat one bottle of sherry or port and pour into a pitcher. Rub a little lemon rind on six cubes of sugar and add to the wine. Add two or three large twists of rind and the juice of one lemon. Pour in ten drops of vanilla and two cups of boiling water. Dust with nutmeg and serve. Makes eight servings.

HOT BUTTERED RUM (not shown)

2 oz. Jamaican rum 4 cloves • 1 lemon slice 1 lump sugar or 1 tbs. honey 1 small pat butter

Scald an Old-Fashioned glass or mug. Pour in rum, add lemon slice garnished with cloves. Stir in sugar or honey and fill glass with boiling water. Top with butter, stir and serve with small silver spoon.