Promising futures hidden in the stars, numbers, and even a crystal ball



Promising futures hidden in the stars, numbers, and even a crystal ball



Promising futures hidden in the stars, numbers, and even a crystal ball


Numerology: the key to the future through mathematics

Montreal’s David Greenacre describes his occupation as esotericist, occultist, inventor, free-lance writer, poet and author. When he’s working as an occultist, he does so as a numerologist, a practitioner of an ancient science which maintains that all things can be reduced to a series of numbers. This allows the numerologist to ascertain certain probable facts about people.

people. There is a life number taken from the birth date and three other types — the soul urge number, quiescent self number and expression number — obtained from the letters in a person’s name.

Astrology: casting horoscopes with the moment of birth

Byron Barwick of Toronto is a student of astrology — the study of the sun’s light and its effect on earth. He calls it “my art form and my way of life,” and follows a psychological approach to astrology which uses the birth chart as a way to knowledge about the person. The time, date and location at birth are considered in relation to the position of the sun and its surrounding planets,

sun surrounding planets, forming a map of the new child’s life. Barwick’s emphasis is less on planets than on other, interrelated factors, though here we have used that method to concentrate solely on futures.

Clairvoyance: the psychic familiarity with tomorrow

Madam Red Davis, who once read futures for Henry Ford’s family, taught herself at age 12 to read tea leaves. A professional clairvoyant in Winnipeg, Madam Red has seen her local reputation for accuracy gain national notice. She believes psychic encounters are natural, and she predicts the future through psychic encounters with handwritten messages people give her — as

messages people give — as in this case — or by objects that have been used repeatedly by the person, such as a comb. A believer that she has been a reader in past history and that other worlds do in fact exist, Madam Red plans to devote her life to proving that psychic encounters are perfectly natural. “Life is a puzzle,” she says, “and the pieces fit together. So far, I’m still struggling with the pieces.”


Great idealism will prevail up to age 34, when involved with the public; she probably cries easily. There’ll be a possibility of great financial success, but this will somehow always be of secondary importance. After age 34 and up to age 52, life will become fixed and routine — marriage, home, children. But once the children leave, the affair will resume with the general public. Fame.

Nov. 7, 1955; Scorpio

There’s a deep sense of psychic insecurity here, and a lot of friction to arise. Obstacles will occur for seven straight years, such as hostility from the old world. Imminently, there is a love affair and some extraordinary experiences. July, 1974, will be good — ages 21 and 22 will be phenomenal. There should be a time of high productivity before she turns 19 in November of this year.

“Everyone should have a dream, something to keep them sane — and someone to love in times of rain.”

Destiny here calls for a beautiful career. For the next 10 years the world will be watching. There’s' a sad love affair, and your successful years — 20 to 28 — will be turbulent: a short marriage with one child, a man, a mistake, some jealousy. You’ll remarry — a man renowned in his own right. You’ll form a famous team and raise two more children. Always watch your health.


Up to age 35 there’s an ob struction, either financial o creative, which will give rise tc some bitterness; but from 35 tc age 44 recognition and fame will arrive. After this stage, t more serious life will prevail probably coupled with a move to the country for good. Beginning at 53, there will be £ philosophical turn to a more basic sense of living. Righi now, develop patience.

Dec. 1, 1941; Sagittarius February, 1975, will see a new flowering, a realization o'i goals. Peak responsibility will be reached by September, 1980, when destiny will be fulfilled. Milestones will come in the years 1987, 1991 and 1993, and he should keep his work well organized in order to cope with these events. There’s a distinct need for self-discipline. Significant spiritual transformation is imminent.

“amachurs borrow, proFessinals steel — and stealers never, ever prosper!”

There’s a great offering coming from the West Coast; don’t push your luck in New York. Always carry a little red with you — it’s your lucky color. You have six in your group and a fair boy wants to leave. He’s temperamental but important. Get the group to five and keep it there. The best year of your career will be 1974. There will be three children, and one daughter will gain great fame in music.


Up until age 29, she will be :oncerned with the practical aspects of life and career, with ^reat monetary success. Then there’s a carefree decade; mariage and children are probable at this time. Fame will return from ages 38 to 47. It may be through teaching and the massing on of talents. Then life becomes relaxed. She should ;>e able to expect nothing less ;han a happy, fulfilling life.

April 4, 1952; Aries

'Vn individual with a gift. Up until her next birthday, there will be a heavy emphasis on »lamour, and the unharnessed desires for fame will be met with disillusionment. Awareuess will come before age 23, vith a shift toward self-limita:ion. Fall of 1975 will see a critical period of emotion. At Z8, a major reassessment will ;ause a search for truth, peruaps in the form of religion.

‘I hope your year has been as rewarding as has mine.”

four lucky color is yellow, or »old (as in medals). You’ve tad a disastrous early ronance, but being a wise girl /ou should accept marriage in 1974. Otherwise, there’s no ove affair until your early fories. Your husband will have a lard time holding onto you as /ou’ll have great admiration or a professional man. You’ll tave four years of fame and hree children, all boys. The »Vest Coast will remain your etreat, but not your home.


Up to age 34, the emphasis will be on learning and making useful contacts, and by this I mean meeting new people and engaging in a heavy social life. Scattered energies. From 34 to 43, maturity, and from then to age 52 will be hard, fulfilling work. From 52 onward there will be national, perhaps international, recognition. He will concentrate his talents on very human issues.

Jan. 1, 1952; Capricorn Dedicated to humanity, this person will begin at 25 to produce along these lines. Next summer there will be a conscious evaluation of purpose, and he will emerge prepared for great responsibilities. Critical turning points will come between 27 and 29, 56 and 59. A great fulfillment could come at age 40, the quality of which will be determined and measured by his sincerity.

“I loathe writing short and meaningless messages.”

You have an important role to play in the history of Canada when you’re 32. Prepare for it and you’ll carry it off easily. You’ll be hidden for four years, pleasurable times but a time in which you will be learning much. Ten years from now, when Canada sets up its new government — modeled along the old English style — you’ll emerge as a leader. Learn Russian, as you’ll be important in foreign affairs. Oh, yes, you’ll have four children.


It’s an experience-filled life up to age 28, a time of self-expression and lively times. Between 28 and 37 the public eye comes even further into the picture as the person gets involved with human issues and the public at large. And from 37 to 46 will be a vital phase of inner development, leading up to a lifelong quest for a definite goal, probably bringing a more routine tone into his living.

Aug. 13, 1949; Leo What should be developed is a new way of releasing energy — something that would have an impact on society. There’s a destiny here, but first the vital energies need taming. The most important unfolding phase has occurred and the December 9 full moon triggered another phase, probably a productive one. Some pride needs swallowing, then the potentials are limitless.

“If you were paid overtime waiting for this letter, you’d probably be a rich person.”

You’ll see more changes in your lifetime in the style of hockey than any player before you. Stay in Philadelphia until 1976, then return to Canada to take up your role in the change of hockey history. Winnipeg will play a good part in your life. In 1977 you will play in Europe, and 1974 will be a very good year for your hockey. You have a boy now, and a girl will come soon, followed by a girl in seven years.


A leader in the business-industrial community from ages 31 to 40, we can now expect an inclination toward seriousness and pondering. Up to age 49, there will be a quest toward improving society, followed by a premature retirement and a devotion to a more esoteric lifestyle, art and creativity. This man is definitely earmarked for success via the traditional channels of society.

Oct. 23, 1933: Scorpio A new form is starting to operate, perhaps leading to involvement in a great cause, a search for truth. A critical need for self-reappraisal will occur

between 56 and 59. Fewer opportunities over the next 15 years will force the subject to confront a new challenge, one with more creative meaning to it. During 1974 he should reevaluate financial rewards. It’s bound to be a year of crisis.

“Since it is now five o’clock on a Friday afternoon, I shall leave for the weekend.”

You’ll spend the next 10 years unscrambling the nation’s business problems; a lot will occur in the Far North. Right now there is chaos amidst the ranks — an important change is coming in 1974. It will mean a lot of traveling, the U.S. and Japan probably. Your family may not like it; your mate has to give you lots of freedom in the marriage. At 47, a big change in your life will take you to the West Coast.