Robert Miller October 8 1984


Robert Miller October 8 1984

Most cars follow trends. A rare few establish them

By combining advanced technology with the optimum in functional luxury, the Mark VII has set a new and higher classification in automotive engineering. To list just a few of its attributes, the Mark VII LSC sports a High Output 5.0 L V8 with electronic fuel injection and is capable of accelerating from zero-to-sixty in under ten seconds.

The Mark’s taut, aerodynamically styled body is both attractive and functional. It actually uses the air around the car to its advantage, to enhance road stability, reduce wind noise and to provide efficient use of every drop of fuel.

The handling and suspension package

The Lincoln Card.

For three years, virtually all you'll pay for is gasoline.

As the proud owner of this remarkable automobile, you automatically receive one of the most comprehensive protection plans offered in North America or abroad.

• Three year-unlimited mileage protection.

• Covers all scheduled maintenance.

• Replacement of items necessitated by wear.

• All repairs due to defects in material.

• Towing and Transportation Assistance.

Your Lincoln dealer would be pleased to review all of the details regarding this preferential program.

encompasses not only power assisted rack and pinion steering, but also Electronic Air Suspension with nitrogenpressurized shocks and struts for nothing less than superb control. Through artful orchestration of controls and instruments, Mark Vll’s interior is a rare combination of comfort and technology. Reclining front luxury seats, electronic instrument cluster, tilt steering wheel and 38 ounce ultra-plush carpeting provide an environment designed to enhance your experience at the wheel.

The new Mark VII not only reconciles the long-standing paradox of pure performance versus luxury, it does it beautifully.


The ultimate expression of the driver centred philosophy.