A risk-taker on a grand scale

Peter C. Newman April 4 1988

A risk-taker on a grand scale

Peter C. Newman April 4 1988

In business, perception is reality

It’s important that others see you the way you see yourself. That’s why every report or proposal you do has to not only be great, it’s got to look great too. It’s a reflection of the way you work and think.

We know the hoops you’ve had to go through to look good in the past. First you had to enlist the aid of tape, a typewriter, scissors, a chipped ruler that you borrowed from one of the secretaries and of course, the ubiquitous white-out.

Then the real struggle began, trying to get more coloured felt pen on your pie charts than your cuffs.

Now we’re here to offer more than sympathy, we’re here to help. Discover the power of Apple® Desktop Publishing.

Crystallize your thoughts on a Macintosh™ SE or a Macintosh II. Crunch numbers at astounding speeds.

Using powerful software like PageMaker or Scoop, click the mouse and pop those numbers into a pie chart or bar graph. Another click will select your page layout.

Throw in a border or two to highlight sections. Choose a type style from dozens as nice as the one you’re reading now.

Last minute changes are done as quickly as you can click the mouse. When it’s time to put it all on paper, a single command sends your documents to the LaserWriter' Plus. Before you’ve had

time to pat yourself on the back, copies are being printed. And they’ll look as though you, the typesetters and printers have spent weeks working on them.

Now comes the best art. Once you’ve learned the asics for one piece of Macintosh software, you’ve learned the basics for virtually all pieces of software. No complex codes to memorize, no huge consultant fees required.

In the business world, looking your best means being your best. And that, quite simply, is what the power of Macintosh is all about. The power to be your best.

The power to be your best.

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