Brian Bethune October 12 1998


Brian Bethune October 12 1998


DIED: Award-winning television journalist Eric Mailing, 52; of a brain hemorrhage, following a fall down stairs in his Toronto home. Mailing was best-known for his documentary work on CTV’s W5 with Eric Mailing and CBC’s the fifth estate. The

Swift Current, Sask., native was a reporter for the Sun in Swift Current, The LeaderPost in Regina and The Toronto Star, before switching to television in 1974. His 1985 fifth estate report on the tainted-tuna scandal rocked the Mulroney government and prompted the resignation of John

Fraser, the fisheries minister. In recent years, Mailing struggled with alcohol abuse.

DIED: Quebec singer and ardent nationalist Pauline Julien, 70, from suicide, following a long struggle with aphasia, an affliction that left her unable to speak; in Montreal. The Trois-Rivières native and her husband, the late poet-politician Gerald Godin, became synonymous with the sovereignty cause in the 1960s.

DIED: John de Burgh Payne, 81; of cancer, in Montreal. A consummate backroom politician, Payne worked in the Prime Minister’s Office under Lester Pearson and later was a key member of John Turner’s “kitchen cabinet” in the years leading up to Turner’s 1984 capture of the Liberal leadership.

DIED: Singing cowboy Gene Autry, 91; in Los Angeles. Starting out with a $5 mailorder guitar, he became a radio, recording, TV and movie star. Autry then built up a multimillion-dollar broadcasting empire, and was the original owner of the California Angels baseball team.

DIED: The first black mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Bradley, 80; of a heart attack, in Los Angeles. The son of a Texas sharecropper, Bradley rose through the ranks of the Los Angeles police department to become mayor in 1973, a position he held for 20 years.

DIED: Jazz singer Betty Carter, 69; of

cancer, in New York City. Carter became famous in 1960 with Baby It’s Cold Outside, a duet with Ray Charles.