Brian Bethune August 24 1998


Brian Bethune August 24 1998



1. Rainbow Six,

Tom Clancy

2. I Know This Much Is True,

Wally Lamb (2)

3. A Widow for One Year,

John Irving (1)

4. The Eleventh Commandment,

Jeffrey Archer (3)

5. Point of Origin,

Patricia Cornwell (5)

6. Summer Sisters,

Judy Blume (4)

7. Other People’s Children, Eileen Goudge

8. Ex-Libris,

Ross King (9)

9. Damascus Gate, RobertStone (6)

10. Cities of the Plain,

Cornac McCarthy (7)


1. The Millionaire Next Door,

Thomas Stanley and William Danko (2)

2. Angela’s Ashes,

Frank McCourt (V

3. The Gifts of the Jews,

Thomas Cahill (4)

4. Mars and Venus Starting Over, John Gray (7)

5. Stolen Life,

Rudy Wiebe and Yvonne Johnson (8)

6. The Man Who Listens to Horses, Monty Roberts (10)

7. In the Meantime,

Iyanla Vanzant

8. A Walk in the Woods,

Bill Bryson (6)

9. A Monk Swimming,

Malachy McCourt (9)

10. Who Killed Canadian History?, Jack Granatstein (3)

( ) Position last week Compiled by Brian Bethune

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