Vote early—and often!

Anthony Wilson-Smith November 6 2000


Vote early—and often!

Anthony Wilson-Smith November 6 2000


Anthony Wilson-Smith

Vote early—and often!

Election update! The PM: Why, why, why? Stock: Enough pie-in-the-sky! Joe: He never says “die’ ! Muldoon: Won't say “goodbye”! Alexa: just try, try, try! Gilles: Those subsidies make him sigh!

Jean Chrétien: Tell us again why were having an election now? Sorry, we still don’t get it. One more time: “It’s because...”

StOCkwell Day: Gaffe-ridden off-the-cuff speeches take him off message with voters. And enough with the picturesque photo ops: some content as well, please.


with Shanda Deziel

Over and Under Achievers

-Jk Joe Clark: Makes mileage just by not falling flat on his face. And who’s that singing his praises at a Toronto Tory fund-raiser? Why, it’s...

Brian Mulroney!: He’s tanned, he’s rested, he’s ready.

\)y Alexa McDonough: Good news is she can take NDP message straight to voters without much media filtering. Bad news is that’s because no one’s covering her campaign.

Q/ Gilles Duceppe: Takes reporters on a tour of Chrétiens riding to show off gazillions of dollars PM lavished on constituents. Then, oops! Local Bloc candidate says he’d seek same booty. A metaphor for sovereigntists?

Over the Limit

Cheap talk?

Bell telephone longdistance users take note: the company has shelved a promise it made to its First Rate subscribers two years ago putting a $20 monthly ceiling on evening and weekend calls within Canada. Bell, which offers the plan in Quebec and Ontario, will now charge 10 cents for every minute that exceeds an 800-minute cap. Bell spokeswoman Catherine Hudon told Maclean’s the change was made because calling volume has gone up sharply since 1998. As for the previous guarantee, Hudon said: “Any plan is subject to change.” In December, 1998, Bell wrote to customers who had defected to other carriers, urging them to return because “we promise you’ll never pay more than $20 a

month for calls within Canada, weeknights and all weekend long.” Bell says the changes— which reduce discount hours from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. from the previous 8 a.m.—affect about two per cent of First Rate customers (those who log more than 800 minutes a month). Most talk for about 100 minutes a month. Only those heavy users received a letter notifying them of the change: others received notice on their last bill. Bell says the new plan is still competitive—but for some, talk isn’t as cheap as it once was.

Michael Snider


Hog the houses and stay in jail

Two-time Canadian Monopoly champ Billy Bartel isn’t shy about his gaming strategy. Although the 23-year-old University of Manitoba student hasn’t earned a penny from his passion since he started competing in 1992, his game skills have led to travel to such places as Monte Carlo, where he finished 19th out of 35 at the 1996world championships. Bartel admits this year’s 30th-place finish in Toronto last month was a disappointment, but says he’ll be back in four years to defend his Canadian title and vie for the $15,140 in prize money awarded to the world champ—the same amount of dollars issued to competitors at the start of

each game. He spoke with ResearcherReporter John Intini about the strategies that have helped make him Canadian champ:

Monopoly is about 75-per-cent skill and can almost be played like chess. You want to buy everything you land on. You want to build up and cut the board in half from jail to jail and take the side with Free Parking on it since that is the most frequented side. My favourite properties are the orange set and the red set. It is not a good thing to stay in jail

early on because you can’t buy properties, but late in the game you want to stay in jail for the full three times when you’re sent there, since you can still collect rent from opponents but not risk landing on their properties. Towards the end, houses become an important part of the game. The best thing to do is act like a tyrant and keep your opponents from building up by hogging the houses. Tournament rules are that there are 36 houses and 12 hotels in a game. If you can get four houses on each property on one of your sets, you’ve taken away a third of the game’s houses. Hoarding houses is by far the most important strategy. Another thing is to always stay on your opponents’ good side. If you can be buddybuddy with someone, they are more apt to trade with you—which is a huge part of the game near the end. It is very important to manipulate your opponents.

Over the Border

‘White-boy rap’

The rap against hip-hop icon Eminem—who appeared in Toronto last week—is that his lyrics encourage violence against women and gays. Maclean’s correspondent Rima Kar spoke to Toronto hiphop artist Tania (True) Daley, 29, about him and his lyrics:

The majority of people who buy hip-hop music are white middleclass teens who want something to

be angry about, because when you are a teenager, you have to have some sort of passion or rage for something. The hip-hop music industry created him into this “white-boy-rage” icon. While he is crying out in pain, they are exploiting his emotional dysfunctions. In that respect, I do think it is detrimental, not because he is expressing his pain, but because there is no resolution to that pain.

With black hip-hop artists, it is expected that we have this rage. People are fascinated by the fact he is a white angry male. Parents have a problem now because their sons and daughters are emulating somebody who looks like them so they can’t separate race. Most people take the cop-out that it’s parents that have to raise their kids. Everyone in society has to take responsibility. The industry is not caring of the emotional stability of young people. They are there to exploit anything that sells and rage will always sell.


“I personally don’t want anyone coming to Canada who will come here and advocate violence against women. The lyrics are shocking and disgusting.”

-Ontario Attorney General Jim Flaherty explains why he asked the federal immigration department to determine if American rap star Eminem should be allowed into Canada to perform

Slut, you think I wont choke no whore ’til the vocal chords don’t work in her throat no more?

-Sample lyric from the Eminem song Kill You. He has also sung of killing his estranged wife, Kim Mathers, and featured images of children with cut throats.

“You know it’s gone to hell when the best rapper out there is a white guy [Eminem] and the best golfer is a black guy [Tiger Woods].

-Retired basketball star Charles Barkley (a black guy) discusses life