John Geddes,Shanda Deziel April 3 2000


John Geddes,Shanda Deziel April 3 2000


Anthony Wilson-Smith

Shanda Deziel

Aline Chrétien: PM’s biggest asset plays music to soothe restive ministers (helloo, Paul Martin) at 24 Sussex. But no Musical Chairs.

Reform Party: Weekend vote on dissolving party sows disarray among soon-to-be-former Reformers. RIP. (Rest-in -pieces)

Alanis Morissette: Gets rave reviews in New York in The Vagina Monologues, playing angry, sexually explicit performer. How ever did they think of her for the part?

The Guess Who: Dinosaur rockers reunite. But can Randy Bachman still rest guitar on tummy?

GaryBettman: Who sez NHL commi sh has to care about hockey? Or speak up. Or act on violence. Or...

Vince Carter: Americans want Raptors star back in U.S. of A. Guess they fear playing in snowshoes is hurting his game.

Over and Under Achievers

The sweet sound of Sussex

All the news from A (Alanis) to B (Beltman) 11

Hip Checks

Silk, sex and latex

Sexy is as sexy dresses. At a Toronto fashion show last week, a critic described the collection by one of Canadas hottest designers, Joeffer Caoc, as “the sexiest show I’ve seen.” It includes tweed knee-length skirts; purple, yellow and blue silk blouses with puff sleeves and tied necks; purple mohair plaid coats; and orange latex tie-neck dresses. The item to draw most “ohs”: a royal-blue patent-leather belted trench coat. Warning: sexiness may diminish in transit from models to mortals.

Music that’s di-vinyl

Drop the needle! The supposedly obsolete turntable has outsold guitars in each of the past two years as a new generation has discovered how to use it as a musical instrument. DJs at live events manipulate or scratch vinyl on a turntable to create new patterns of music. “It’s become a movement—like

skateboarding or Rollerblading,” says Kano, owner of Montreal’s Moog Audio store. “Now, a lot of kids want to be a DJ.” His stores sells 60 to 70 DJ turntables a month.

So can you move your dusty old system for big bucks to a hopeful albumscratcher? No way. cognoscenti say the only model worth “spinning on” is the $750 Techniques SL1200MK. Anything else is just “Dad’s old player.”

Shanda Deziel

Web Watch

‘E’-nuff! (icdot. corns!

How do you make your new company sound dated and boring? Give it an “e” prefix, like “eBay ”or “e-commerce, ” says the San Jose Mercury News, which covers the online industry exten-

sively. “E starts to date you as a mid’90s kind of comp any, ’’said one expert. Other dated words or expressions include “cyber”—and anything beginning with a capital letter, because uses an extra keystroke. Other techheads suggest making your online correspondence faster with these shorthand terms:

IMHO: in my humble opinion WRT: with respect to CUL: see you later TIC: tongue-in-cheek 0T0H: on the other hand I0W: in other words FWIW: for what it’s worth TTFN: ta-ta for now

Flower Power

Springtime in maple leaf gardens

Last week marked the start of spring, when thoughts turn to... gardening Dave and Cathy Cummins, a retired couple living in Dundas, Ont., have won many awards and last year published their first book,

The Rusty Rake Gardener:

Beautiful Canadian Gardens with Minimum Toil.

Cathy Cummins spoke to Senior Writer D’Arcy finish-.

There’s lots you can do before warm weather arrives.

You can cut away deadwood in shrubs and trees, but you shouldn’t get carried away and start hacking things back or changing their shape. You should look at your garden when it’s bare and decide what’s

going where. I keep a notebook and fill pages with ideas. It’s always interesting to go back later and see what worked and what didn’t. I get tremendous pleasure just sitting on a

bench and admiring the physical beauty of our garden. Sometimes, I’ll go out for 15 minutes, and be gone two hours. I forget everything—even what time it is.


Hacks and fax

It’s business as usual for Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin—meaning tensions continue over who leads the party into the next election. Martinites are crying foul over what they say was a sophisticated—but failed— attempt to make them look bad. Last week, many reporters received anonymous faxes of a document that purported to be minutes of a conference call among Martin supporters plotting to oust the PM. The document was phoney—and wasn’t the first such effort to embarrass Martin.

Last year, Saturday Night magazine writer Guy Lawson was given what seemed to be “speaking notes” aimed at guiding Martin-ites through questions on the undeclared campaign to unseat Chrétien. Lawson later said he had no reason to believe the memo genuine—but left that to readers to decide. Martin associates said the latest fake was clearly written by someone who knows the party well. But it went overboard, they say, with a suggestion MPs might lead a caucus mutiny aimed at ousting the PM. That, everyone agreed, is a step no Liberals would take—if they wanted a political future.

John Geddes


“If I wanted to spear [Anaheim Mighty Duck Paul Kariya], he doesn’t get up.... My stick got caught in his jersey.”

-Bryan Marchment of the San Jose Sharks, describing incident that earned him three-game suspension

“I’ve seen a lot more severe and I’ve taken a lot worse.”

-ScottThornton of Dallas Stars after three-game suspension for swiping at head of San Jose Shark Marco Sturm with stick in hand

“I deserve to be suspended: it’s ugly.”

-Scott Niedermayer of New Jersey Devils, describing stick attack on Florida Panther Peter Worrell for 10-game suspension

“In any hockey game, you’re going to get fights, but usually it’s consensual. Swinging a stick and injuring a person is different.” -Toronto police Sgt. Lorna Kozmik, explaining assault charges after fight between officers in police league game

Three same-day newspapers report on the same event: who says Canadian media outlets are all alike ?