Shanda Deziel July 30 2001


Shanda Deziel July 30 2001



Shanda Deziel

John Intini

In 1965, James Massie was standing on a street in Pamplona, Spain, when he was caught up in a crowd. Only when he saw a herd of angry cattle behind him did he realize that he was inadvertently participating in el encierro, the ancient Spanish custom of running with the bulls. Family precedent resurfaced this year when Massie’s son Jonathan, 24, was one of two tourists to be gored by a bull on July 9. Jonathan, a Toronto native, received a horn in the thigh, requiring a six-day stay in a Spanish hospital. He told Maclean’s reporter Judy Kwok the story:

“My dad had run with the bulls. So I wanted to follow In his footsteps.

My friend and I planned on going down to learn the proper way to run and see how the locals do It. But we sort of slept in. It is scary because you don’t know when to start. The whistle goes off, and before you know it everyone’s down the street. You have no idea where these bulls are.

It’s actually very quiet. People in the cars don’t cheer. Those running don’t scream. It doesn’t even sound like a big stampede of bulls, they’re

quiet as well.

It’s an ethereal experience.

“I was just running on my own and I saw a pack go by. I stopped in my tracks. There was a renegade bull running down the sideline, five feet behind me. I was in his way and had no time to react. In the blink of an eye, he pushed me over his head. The horns were so sharp-they went in and out so fast, I didn’t think I’d been cut. I didn’t know how bad it was until they ushered me out and put big metal clamps on the wound to close it up. When they wheeled me into the ambulance, the spectators gave me a little cheer. I don’t know if they were cheering because I appeared to be OK or because they were happy that a tourist got run down by the bulls.”


A weeks worth of hapless hosers

British Columbia hopes third time lucky in Olympic bid. Canadian Alliance, reform thyself Joes little girl nixes hopes of flashy royal wedding

■^Dick Pound: Bronze in Olympic presidential race has him crying foul. Pennywise but, pound foolish, was he too aggressive for IOC’s taste?

^Vancouver/Whistler: 2010 Winter Games bid in overdrive as B.C. organizers dance on Toronto’s shattered dreams. Thanks, Mel!

Stockwell Day: Settles nothing by sort of resigning to run again. Rebel Alliance MPs can return

to fold if they say sorry. He’s got that right.

^ Stephen Harper: National Citizens’ Coalition head ponders run for sad-sack Alliance leadership. Best asset: only wears wet suit when forgets umbrella.

Catherine Clark:

Getting hitched next year. Urges media to respect privacy—by issuing news release. Duh.

^Greenpeace: Tallest freestanding publicity stunt loses impact when climbers need rescue from CN Tower. As impacts go, could have been worse.

George W. Bush: Takes hoser thing way too literally by asking Canucks to pipe water to U.S. Sorry, George, says PM’s Office, you’re all wet.


Ever since his misguided duet with Eminem at the Grammy Awards, Elton John has been courting talented Canadian artists. Nothing like a few uncontroversial Canucks to help erase the Slim Shady stigma.

“He wanted to let me know that he was honoured that I worked on his record and that years ago he had a terrible, terrible crush on my father.”

-Singer Rufus Wainwright recalls a phone call he received from John regarding a duet they were working on for John’s new album. Wainwright is the son of folk musician Loudon Wainwright III.

“Diana is a very gifted pianist. She absolutely has her own style, which is the hardest thing in the world

for any of us to achieve. She takes a song that you’ve heard a thousand other singers do a million times before, and it’s as if you’re hearing it for the first time. And understanding it properly, too. I have not one doubt that she’s a legend of the future. Absolutely, she is around to stay.”

-John on Diana Krall, who performed at the third annual White Tie & Tiara Ball to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation earlier this month.

“He fell in love with the CD, and he’s been talking about me a lot at his concerts. He wants to promote new music.” -Nelly Furtado on why John invited her to perform at his post-Oscar bash in March.