Shanda Deziel August 13 2001


Shanda Deziel August 13 2001


Shanda Deziel

Amy Cameron


Edmonton wants your bison

The bison may grace Manitoba’s provincial flag, but that hasn’t stopped an Edmonton group from staking its claim to the mighty beast-part of a quest to give Alberta’s capital an edgier image.

“Edmonton is known for what? Wayne Gretzky, the Oilers and West Edmonton Mall,” scoffs Ric Dolphin, a reporter for The Edmonton Journal and chairman of The Buffalo Project. “Wayne is gone and what kind of a symbol for a city is a mall? The bison is a take-no-guff kind of animal. It’s perfect.” City businesses recently released bison beer, bison pies (which Dolphin says are low in cholesterol) and buffalo patties. And the privately funded Buffalo Project has placed 32 fiberglass bison on Edmonton’s main highway and suggested setting up a pen of real bison on the highway as well-officials closed the gate that idea. Still, Dolphin presses on, claiming he has the figures to prove Alberta has more bison than Manitoba. §

Last week, Edmonton Mayor Bill Smith | Maclean’s that while he likes the | buffalo as a symbol, he’ll refrain from « laying claim to it to avoid causing a rift jjj his provincial Prairie neighbours. J Come on, Edmonton, where’s that takeë no-guff attitude? §

John Intini 1

Show me the merchandise

No doubt Toronto Raptor Vince Carter probably has some ideas about how to spend the cash from his new six-year contract extension, which starts in 2002.

But just in case he's having trouble fathoming what $94.5 million (U.S.) can buy, we've done the math:








Estimated salary (U.S.)

$12 million $13.5 million $15 million $16.5 million $18 million

$19.5 million

What he can get for it

307,692 Spalding Infusion basketballs

1,203 (Carter-endorsed) Hyundai Elantras

11.5 million

950-ml bottles of Gatorade

11,224,489 one-way cash rides on the TTC subway

13,846 specially made Armani suits

5,816 of the most expensive Raptors season ticket seats available at the Air Canada Centre


Nude defectors, please

Fly boy Bob slashes the wrong target.

The naked truth about network news.

Kim Campbell after the flood.

Aír Canada: Heavy losses cause boss Robert Milton to chop 4,000 jobs and 10 per cent off his $1-million pay. Look at Westjet, Bob. Cut your ticket prices.

Code Red: Hacker’s fearful Internet worm proves an ineffectual slug. Er, what is an “Internet worm”?

^ Nakednews.com: Successful Toronto Web site looks way down—to Los Angeles, that

is—for fresh on-air talent to deliver the naked truth. Canadians don’t have the goodies? What a waist.

^ CBC: Mother Corp. runs an ad campaign to create a hip, young identity. Two words, Peter Mansbridge: more skin. From the neck down, this time.

^ Kím Campbell: Ex-PM, 54, and musician Hershey Felder, 33, found love writing opera Noah’s Ark. Could remount of H.M.S. Pinafore bring Tories and Alliance together?

Quebec language law: They love it in Niger. More than 100 athletes claim refugee status, as Francophonie Games sets record for number of defections in Canada after an international sporting event.

^ Allan Rock: Helmets off to Health Minister for courageous marijuana mine visit. Heavy-duty protective garb sets standard for safe toking.


Five hundred onlookers watched intently as 28year-old defending world champion Joe Lessard Jr. approached the spitting line. As the final competitor of the 28th Annual International Cherry Pit Spitting Championships, the Belle River, Ont., native faced a certain amount of pressure. With the crowd whipped into a frenzy of anticipation, Lessard thrust his body in a violent, but calculated manner-and out of his mouth flew a cherry pit that landed 13.5 m away. Sadly, that hork put Lessard in sixth place. And the championship

title went to Rick Krause of Sanders, Ariz. whose pit dropped at 20.7 m.

About 200 competitorstravelling from as far as Switzerland-took part in the weekend event held last month in Eau Claire, Mich. At the spittest, rules are closely monitored. A competitor’s height determines how far back one must stand from the spitting line, and each cherry has to be devoured and released in 60 seconds. No running starts. Three spits allowed-the best

one counts. “The size of the pit and the wind affect how far you can spit,” says Lessard, who set the Canadian record with a 21.6-m launch last year. “I just try to clean the pit, curl my tongue around it and lean as far back as I can.” Lessard comes by this technique naturally. His 55year-old father and spitting mentor, Joe Sr., placed fourth at this year’s event. Combined, the fatherson duo has won five of the last 15 world championships. Says the younger Lessard: “He’s taught me everything I know about spitting.”

John Intini

Omni, pan meta or bi?

Cant choose between Tom, Dick or Harry? How about Dick or Jane? No worries.

Whether you are omnisexual, pansexual or just plain old bisexual from Aug. 9 to 12 the first North American Conference on Bisexuality, Gender and Sexual Diversity will descend on Vancouver. Here are some of the workshops:

“The construction of bisexual theology”

Philip A. BernhardtHouse, an American bisexual polyamorous (open relationships with more than one partner) male

metagendered (identifying as neither male, female nor androgynous but with all genders) spiritualist/pagan theologian, will speak about what can be drawn from traditional theology that is appropriate for bisexuality.

“Is it cool to be bi in high school?”

A teenage girl, with a history of dating boys, kisses another girl at a party. The question is whether she truly considers herself bisexual or whether this is just a popular way of attracting boys. Two youth workers in Vancouver will address this trend and its implications in Canadian high schools.

“The story of a recommitment ceremony”

A presentation on the 10year relationship between a bisexual male Jewish doctor, a bisexual male recovering Catholic and a straight woman.


íi Qecently, I read The African Safari

W Papers by Robert Sedlack-a

Canadian living in Los Angeles. The novel takes the form of a journal written by a 19-year-old on a family safari with his mom and dad. Mom is slipping into insanity, dad is losing his ability to be a functioning alcoholic, and the son is dealing with the dysfunction through heavy doses of whateverdrugs he can get his hands on. I found it very dark and very funny.

“I’m listening to the sound track from 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? Before that, I was a little rusty on my classic southern folk and bluegrass from the Depression era.”

U lam reading The Bear I and the Dragon-a story of international po-

litical intrigue by Tom Clancy. It takes the reader into Beijing, Moscow and the White House as China attempts to

avoid economic disaster by conquering oil and gold reserves belonging to Russia. It is rather detailed, but I love the politics and armchair travel.

“My listening tastes constantly evolve. I love CBC Radio, and am regularly annoyed by it at the same time. I often feel it has too much editorial bias towards the left and sometimes change the channel for days, but I always go back.”

U I’m constantly rereadling The Garden of Eden and True at First Light.Vney reveal an Ernest Hemingway no one really knows. I have reread Batouala, by a writer from Martinique named René Maran. Hemingway and his style were deeply influenced by that book.

“I’ve been listening to Der Rosenkavalier-Highlights by Richard Strauss, performed by the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Herbert von Karajan. It is very moving and quite sophisticated. The more you know about Strauss, the more you’ll get out of this opera.”