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Home of the Future Right Around the Corner

From the 1851 exhibition at London's Crystal Palace to the 1939 New York World's Fair, the “house of the future” has been a celebrated theme of industrial culture. In the past century, North Americans have been awed by model homes fitted with ground-breaking conveniences like built-in dishwashers, automatic garage-door openers and lights controlled by dimmer switches.

The 21st century promises a new kind of “house of the future”—and the good news is, that promise will soon become reality. Within a few years, new homes will be “smart” in a way that makes a real difference to people’s lives—freeing them to focus on things that really matter.

The future is now. LG Electronics products will transform your home into the "house of the future."

Tech powerhouse LG Electronics is leading the way. With its recently announced Digital Home Network, LG has defined the benchmark against which all modern homes will be measured. It starts with a central microprocessor that receives signals from a number of connected devices and ends with a home that functions as an active partner in a busy family's life.

Multiple Devices, Central Control

The LG Digital Home Network will link entertainment, telecommunications, air conditioning and more. Individuals will be able to access the system using wireless handsets. The system’s central processor, [built into the LG Internet fridge), will act as a traf-

fic cop, initiating and/or routing communication signals throughout the house to the appropriate appliances. People living in Home Network-enabled homes need only make their desires known—the system will co-ordinate all resources needed to make those desires reality.

The Promise of Digital Appliances

You’ve probably heard news reports about refrigerators that can order groceries on-line or download recipes from the Internet.

The Digital Home Network incorporates this kind of functionality and a lot more besides. LG recently introduced its Internet refrigerator, equipped with an LCD screen and a built-in IP phone. Other announced breakthroughs include an Internet washing machine, an Internet air conditioner and an Internet microwave. Appliances like these allow family members to customize responses to their individual requests and that interaction will be even easier once Canada’s wireless telecommunications carriers come on board.

When that happens, your wireless handset will become a virtual home remote control. Stuck at the office? You’ll be able to instruct the air conditioner not to kick in at 5 p.m., as originally planned, but to hold off till 8 p.m. Want to start a load of laundry while you're stuck in traffic? Call your washing machine and take care of it from your car. These are just a few of the promises in store; as technology advances, so will the possibilities.

Through it all, LG will remain at the vanguard—continually developing new ways to make people’s lives simpler, richer and more convenient.