Shanda Deziel April 22 2002


Shanda Deziel April 22 2002


Friends of the Environment

With over $27 million donated to more than 12,000 local projects, the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation makes a positive impact on the environment Here are just a few of the stories.

It’s ultimately going to be their world, so instilling our children with a love of our environment should be one of our most important goals.

The TD Friends of the Environment Foundation believes that The Young Naturalists of British Columbia have an excellent approach to environmental education, and provides support for their programs. These boys and girls explore their communities, discover the wonders of nature and work with other environmental groups to develop individual and group initiatives to protect the environment.

The Young Naturalists also hold explorer days to learn from experienced naturalists and gain hands-on experience in such areas as insect studies, bird identification and forest floor observations. In partnering with local environmental groups to educate and inspire future generations, this group’s efforts are fully aligned with the foundation’s goal of investing in the future of Canadian communities.

In our urban centres, rooftop gardens can do a world of good. In Montreal, a project funded by the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation is examining ways to improve the air quality, increase natural habitat and reduce run-off into the sewer system.

The rooftop garden at the YMCA -Notre Dame de Grace will help the participants gain valuable knowledge about the potential for this type of urban enhancement and the propagation of native plant species. Mcgill University’s Department of Agriculture will use the garden to develop innovative growing techniques, such as organic mediums and organic fertilizers.

There was a time when the Thames River watershed in London, Ontario was an ideal natural habitat. But as the community has grown, it has become increasingly difficult for plants and wildlife to flourish.

Thanks in part to a grant from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, the Thames waterways are getting a helping hand from a bioengineering nursery. The cuttings and seeds it produces will be used to replenish the vegetation along the city’s rivers and streams, which is expected to encourage the return of local wildlife. The one-acre nursery will also provide local landscaping and environmental restoration projects with a ready supply of plants and cuttings, leaving a green legacy throughout the region.

Dr. Joe Maclnnis has chaired the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation since 1996 and has played a major role in building awareness and support for its work. Dr. Maclnnis has an international reputation for his pioneering work in science, business and the environment, and has led 30 major undersea expeditions in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. Dr. Maclnnis’s work has earned him many distinctions, including four honorary doctorates, the Queen’s Anniversary Medal and the Order of Canada.

The Earthkeepers program is an outdoor environmental camp that helps young people appreciate and understand the earth’s ecology through active, hands-on learning. By studying environmental issues such as energy conservation and recycling, students discover the human impact on our environment. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation funding sent 41 students from Brookhouse School in Halifax to the Earthkeepers camp.

You can support the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation through automatic monthly donations from any TD Canada Trust chequing or savings account. Every dollar raised in your community will be used for projects in your area, and TD Bank Financial Group donates $1 million a year to the Foundation. You can donate as little as $1 a month and change your donation amount at any time. For annual donations over $10, you will receive a registered charitable tax receipt in time for tax season.

As a contributor to the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, you can become a member of one of the over 110 Local Advisory Boards across Canada that recommend projects for funding support. And, if you belong to a charitable organization that needs help with a local environmental activity, you can submit your application for project funding.

To leam more about the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, automatic monthly donations, joining your Local Advisory Board, or how to apply for project funding, visit the website at or drop into any TD Canada Trust branch. You can also arrange your automatic monthly donations by calling 1-800-577-6103. ■