Honour Roll 2004

Trevor Linden

KEN MACQUEEN July 1 2004
Honour Roll 2004

Trevor Linden

KEN MACQUEEN July 1 2004

Destination Elliot Lake...

Located half way between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie,

Elliot Lake nestles among the ancient hills of the pre-Cambrian shield. Surrounded by more than 4,000 pristine lakes and rivers, majestic old growth forests and dramatic rock escarpments, it has long been a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure.

It is now a community of 12,000 with one of the most modern fully serviced infrastructures of any community its size in Canada. Best of all, Elliot Lake remains affordable, despite being one of the hottest real estate markets in the country.

Canada’s Most Popular Retirement Haven

For retirees, Elliot Lake's small-town charm and big-city amenities are part of what attracts them. Others come for the unspoiled natural environment surrounding Elliot Lake and the abundance of lakes and rivers. But in the retirement community, everyone can appreciate the presence of a first-class hospital and medical facilities and access to a continuum of care, along with an enviable doctor-to-patient ratio and low crime rate. Elliot Lake is also equipped with a fully serviced, modern transit system, state-of-the-art water treatment facility, and 24-hour ambulance, fire and police services.

Elliot Lake's 350 businesses can also meet most shopping and service needs. Outlets of national chains are located in Elliot Lake, and a 180,000-sq.-ft. indoor shopping mall that houses more than 40 stores and services. For those who like to dine out, Elliot Lake offers options ranging from fast-food chains to casual dining or an elegant formal meal at a variety of independent restaurants in the city.

Perhaps because Elliot Lake and its surrounding wilderness are much-loved subjects for canvases and photographs, the city has come to harbour a dynamic arts and cultural community. Numerous clubs offer places for people of all ages to partake in drama, dance, music, pottery and amateur theatre. The Elliot Lake Entertainment Series is the foremost presenter of performing arts and brings many famous entertainers to the local stage. An abundance of community groups and associations, learning and educational opportunities also contribute to a well-balanced retirement experience.

But there's still more to the attraction of Elliot Lake than the great outdoors, the social life and all of the amenities. The availability of affordable housing, through Elliot Lake Retirement Living, also plays a key role. The Elliot Lake Retirement Living program offers an assortment of living units in a variety of settings to suit any lifestyle or budget. Rental units include apartments, townhouses and houses in clean, safe, friendly neighbourhoods. Rates for one-bedroom apartments begin at $364 a month while two-bedroom units start at $417. Townhouses begin at $463 a month and houses go for as little as $492.

Elliot Lake Retirement Living prides itself on offering value for the dollar, with services such as lawn mowing included for house and townhouse residents, a free parking spot included with all apartment units and activity rooms in each of the apartment complexes. Attending to details like these have helped create the affordable, active lifestyles that in turn make Elliot Lake a popular choice with retirees from all over Canada.

Canada’s Newest Cottage Country

Building on the strengths that made it a popular retirement haven—first class medical facilities, extensive infrastructure, a thriving business community and easy access to a multitude of outdoor activities—Elliot Lake is now poised to become one of the most popular cottaging locations in Ontario.

Elliot Lake is developing only 400 lots on 10 of the many lakes that are within the city boundaries. All of the lots developed are "northern-sized", each offering shorelines - from 150 feet to over 750 feet. With lot sizes ranging from 1.25 acres to over 5 acres you will have plenty of room to play. Secluded in old growth forest on undeveloped pristine lakes, the cottage environment is unrivalled, while at the same time having city services just 10 minutes from your dock.

"The short supply of cottages and high demand has really been driving up prices," says Bill Helmer of Bicketon Brokers Ltd. All across Ontario, and in the Northern U.S. states the cost of cottages and waterfront real estate is at an all-time high and availability at an all-time low. According to REMAX of Canada in a June 2004 article, the Elliot Lake area represents one of the best values in Ontario cottage country.

The developmental process by which all of the lots will be brought to market has been predicated on state-of-the-art planning and environmental protections dedicated to preserving and enhancing the health of each lake and their respective eco-systems for generations to come.

An Abundance of Outdoor Adventures to Pursue

Tourists have visited the Elliot Lake area for years to pursue their passion for outdoor adventure. For those who enjoy summer activities, Elliot Lake offers a great deal of variety. With more than 4,000 surrounding lakes, the opportunities for fishing and boating are endless. Teeming with fresh water trout and more than eight other fish species, the area offers an ideal place to land a tasty catch. There are also numerous canoe routes ideal for adventures of one day, four days or more. And for those interested in big-water boating, Elliot Lake is situated just twenty minutes from the north shore of Lake Huron, considered one of the best cruising grounds for sailing and boating in the world.

Back on land, the Elliot Lake area offers incredibly scenic lookouts and vistas for hiking, with a wide variety of trails within the City limits and more outside the city. Along the way, bird watching is a popular pastime for residents and visitors. The area is a nesting ground for a variety of species, and also features many staging areas during the migratory season. The most commonly sighted species include the warbler, thrush, vireo and flycatcher along with loons, kestrels, pileated woodpeckers, Northern orioles, blue jays and cardinals, to name a few.

Golfers around Elliot Lake have an additional reason to smile. In the summer of 2005, one of the best 18-hole golf courses in

Northern Ontario will open in the city. Designed by renowned course architect Ted Baker, whose designs include the two Lionhead courses and the Royal Niagara, this magnificent 7,000-yard course is currently under construction by the top golf course builders in Canada, Evans Golf. With its many elevations, vistas of Ryan Lake and views of rock escarpments, the new course is sure to attract golfers from all over Ontario.

For another kind of driver, however, Elliot Lake has more than 300 kilometres of looped ATV trails. As the first in a series of planned ATV sites In Ontario, the mapped and signed trail system lets ATV enthusiasts feel as if they're deep in the wilderness while never travelling farther than 30 kilometres from the city. The adventure winds through picturesque landscapes, majestic boreal forest, mountainous terrain and past numerous scenic lookouts along lakes, marshes, brooks and rivers, all under a forested canopy.

For winter outdoor enthusiasts, Elliot Lake does not disappoint. A challenging downhill ski hill within the city limits, for instance, attracts skiers and snowboarders with a variety of runs, a quad chair lift and - when necessary - snowmaking capability. Cross-country skiing on a variety of groomed-track trails in and around the community is also a favorite Elliot Lake pastime.

The area also features some of the best snowmobile trails in the province. Centrally located and connected to all of the provincial TOPS trail systems, it boasts over 500 kilometres of locally groomed trails that snowmobiling enthusiasts have long held in high esteem.

The list of winter activities continues. With a multitude of lakes in the area, ice fishing is popular with residents and visitors alike. Snowshoeing, curling, hockey and figure skating also attract vibrant interest and participation.

For more information on outdoor activities in Elliot Lake, visit www.adventureelllotlake.com

Elliot Lake is truly a community where the quality of life is unparalleled, whether the goal is retirement, owning your own piece of cottage paradise or finding adventure. Whether one's priorities are the quality of health care and housing options or the variety of recreation and community activities that abound in Elliot Lake, it's easy to understand why it is a popular spot for those seeking retirement, affordable waterfront property or a holiday retreat.