January 9 2006


January 9 2006


Urine trouble now

Nebraskan Reno Tobler had a strange idea of providing residents in central Iowa with Christmas gifts: he would toss detergent bottles filled with his own urine over their backyard fences, as many as 10 of them since autumn. Tobler, who was charged with littering and harassment, told police it was a longtime hobby.

Plonk cure

Following a recent European Union summit, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi sent his Swedish counterpart 24 bottles of Italian wine. The gift, he said, was to help Goran Persson overcome the trauma of having to drink British wine, as supplied by summit host Tony Blair.

One-man disaster

Lost in the Michigan countryside, a motorist got stuck in a muddy driveway last week. Alone, he tried to push his car out, but with no one to operate the vehicle he weighted the accelerator with a toolbox. It worked getting the car free, but the car then proceeded through a bean field at speeds of up to 140 km/h before succumbing to a tree.

No one was even hurt

Armed robbers in Germany held up a courier last week forcing him to open the trunk of his vehicle so they could grab a suitcase full of money. Wrong suitcase: they fled with the courier’s first-aid kit.

Telemarketing works

When Crystal Rozell of Consumer Direct Marketing in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., called a number she talked to an 85-year-old man in Illinois who had fallen down and spent the previous night in the cold unable to move. Although he had a cellphone he could only receive calls on it. Rozell contacted local authorities.

Good cop, soft cop Three police officers in Billings, Mont., were suspended without pay for mishandling packets of the erectile dysfunction drug Levitra, found on a driveway. Disciplinary documents say that instead of logging the drugs as “found property” they took them home.

Short, cold, but sweet

The penguins may not have been impressed, but when Lewis Pugh took to the waters of Antarctica recently he set a record for the most southerly swim. Although it was barely a kilometre, Pugh dived into zero-degree water, completing the journey in 19 minutes, wearing a bathing suit, swim cap and goggles.