November 1, 1905

Big Salaries and Fees.

E. H. Harriman, Railway Magnate.

The Romance of Great Businesses.

Big Salaries and Fees. 2223

Big Salaries and Fees.

UNTIL the mints of earth stop turning there will be money to measure merit. When a lawyer can make two million dollars in a single fee; when a doctor can demand fifty thousand dollars for a twist of his wrist; when a violinist can get a thousand dollars for playing three tunes in a private parlor, and a cook can command twelve thousand dollars a year, it must be taken as an incontestable fact that man’s earning power will reach no bounds.
E. H. Harriman, Railway Magnate. 6061

E. H. Harriman, Railway Magnate.

I WAS talking, not a great while ago, with a broker who had just returned from a trip through New England. “It was an odd experience," said he, “to stop off at one little city after another and see mills and factories running and office buildings full of people.
The Romance of Great Businesses. 106107

The Romance of Great Businesses.

IN the year when Queen Victoria came to the throne a shipping company was formed that was destined to play no small part in the development of the British Empire. No shipping company has a longer record of useful public service than this great concern, the “P. & O.”

Senator Fulford, Advertising King. 67

Senator Fulford, Advertising King.

FIFTEEN million dollars, a Senator ship, and a world-over reputation as a publicity king—all in a pink pill the size of a common white bean, is the nutshell epitome of the late Senator Fulford’s career. The death of this remarkable man of business once more flings the shadow of a strong life across the public gaze.
The Smartness of Lewkovitz. 1415

The Smartness of Lewkovitz.

MOSES MANDELKERN was fat and lonesome. When fat men are lonesome, they always appear to be more lonesome than lean men. This, however, is but an idle remark, entirely apart from this story. Mandelkern sat smoking outside his butcher-shop, gazing enviously across the street at two men who, side by side upon the steps of a tall tenement, sat silent and contented.
Two Happy Factories in England. 6869

Two Happy Factories in England.

IF you take the slightest interest in the social questions of the day, if you have ever been concerned with the housing problem, if you have ever read with harrowed feelings of the white slaves of England, or have been inspired by the hopeful idea of garden cities, then you would find it absorbingly interesting to make the same short tour that I have lately undertaken, and now set out to describe.
The Richest Woman in America. 4445

The Richest Woman in America.

HETTY HOWLAND ROBIN SON GREEN, without question the wealthiest woman in the United States, of whom more has been written and less is known than probably of any living woman of equal prominence, whose income is roundly measured at several dollars a minute, who eschews publicity, despises a failure, and loathes a lawyer, will celebrate her seventieth anniversary on Nov. 21.
Cranks that Worry Business Men. 122123

Cranks that Worry Business Men.

APROPOS of the daring conspirlacy attributed to a notorious western character to kidnap the presiding genius of Standard Oil—a feat which the Pinkertons declare is absolutely improbable if not impossible of accomplishing—considerable curiosity has been awakened as to the ways and means adopted by men and women of sovereign fortune to protect themselves from the annoyances and even dangers to which prominence is subjected.
What is Credit? 7879

What is Credit?

"YOU have fallen into the habit of using the phrase credit jobber,” people say to us; “what do you mean by it? Is it not money that the people so designated deal in?” It is and it is not. In the money markets of the world as now constituted the old-fashioned language does not fully express the nature of the commodity dealt in by bankers, bill brokers, and dealers in floating capital in general.
The First Steps of Famous Business Men. 102103

The First Steps of Famous Business Men.

ANDREW CARNEGIE believes himself fortunate in having been born of poor parents. “I, fortunately, had to begin work very young,” he says, “in order to earn an honest livelihood. The question to me was, what I could get to do. not what I wanted to do.
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