April 1, 1906

A Strategic Movement 1011

A Strategic Movement

WHEN Mr. William Jupp, mariner, late of the tramping clay-steamer Lucy of Looe, from Stockholm to London Docks with a return-cargo of fresh meat and middle-aged eggs, had drawn his pay as A.B.—a title hotly contested by the captain and mate of the Lucy of Looe—a desire to inhale once more the health-giving breezes of his native Kentish town and renew old ties, somewhat rudely broken a few brief years previously, led the returned prodigal to board a ’bus bound for the northwest.
Crossing the Ocean in a Palace 9091

Crossing the Ocean in a Palace

EVERY six months or so a big new liner steams up the North River, to the west of New York City, and displays a great many flags; and the ferryboats and lighters whistle the conventional three-toot salutation, and the steward’s band blares its brassiest as the leviathan —it is always a “leviathan,”—works laboriously into her dock.
Other Contents of Current Magazines 130131

Other Contents of Current Magazines

In this department we draw attention to a few of the more important topics treated in the current magazines and list the leading contents. Readers of The Busy Man’s Magazine can secure from their newsdealers the magazines in which they appear.
The Tribulations of a British M.P. 4243

The Tribulations of a British M.P.

THE tribulations of an M.P. are undoubtedly many. There are, to begin with, the torments of the post. Cobden, in a letter to a friend, early in 1846, when his name as the leader of the agitation for the repeal of the Corn Laws was in all men’s mouths, gives us an interesting glimpse into the contents, half laughable and half pathetic, of the letter-bag of an M.P. He says:
The World’s Most Extravagant Women 8485

The World’s Most Extravagant Women

THE increasing splendor of New York’s wealthy people in their clothes, their houses, their pleasures, their entertainments and the cost of maintaining this splendor are popular topics just now with persons both in and out of fashionable society, both in this and in other countries, for the fame of New York’s prodigal expenditure crossed the ocean long ago.
Tips and Tipping 5657

Tips and Tipping

Tippins has grown to such alarming proportions as to have become a menace to tourist travel in the older portions of the world. The system is universal there, and no traveler can live in peace unless he subscribes to it. hose who demand tips have at the r mercy all who refuse them gratification and an independent traveler is known wherever he goes.
The Scotchman in America 3233

The Scotchman in America

THERE are not so many men and women of Scottish birth in the United States—not more than three hundred thousand. But every Scot counts. Probably no other nation has sent us so many men of mark and so few deadheads, in proportion to the number of its immigrants.
What is the Liberal Policy? 114115

What is the Liberal Policy?

WHAT is the Liberal policy? Our very name gives the answer. We stand for liberty. Our policy is the policy of freedom in all things that effect the life of the people, freedom of conscience, freedom of trade, internal and external; freedom of industry, of combination and co-operation; from class ascenddency, from injurious privileges and monopolies; freedom for each man to make the best use of the powers and faculties implanted in him; and with the view of securing and guarding these and other interests, freedom of Parliament, for all to elect to the governing body of the nation the representatives of their own choice.
Hormidas Laporte—Municipal Reformer 45

Hormidas Laporte—Municipal Reformer

THE lives of men who have risen from the masses to occupy positions of honor are often pointed out as encouragement to young men of the present day. But they are so often examples of what a combination of luck, bluff and graft can do, that conscientious young men derive little inspiration from them.
Modern Get-Rich-Quick Schemes. 3839

Modern Get-Rich-Quick Schemes.

THERE are many methods in vogue for inducing people to part with their money, but the most effective way to interest a certain very considerable portion of the American public in propositions with this ultimate purpose in view is through what is known in Wall Street as the “get-rich-quick” scheme.
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