July 1, 1908

Stand for Something

The Girl That is Down

A Marriage By Capture

Stand for Something 5657

Stand for Something

Character as Capital is Very Much Underestimated by a Great Number of Young Men —They Seem to put More Emphasis on Smartness, Shrewdness, Influence and Pull, Than They do Upon Downright Honesty and Integrity of Character.
The Girl That is Down 106107

The Girl That is Down

WHEN her name was called, Mace rose heavily from the bench in the matrons room; the girl beside her —the one she had fallen in with a month before—arose at the same time, though not so passively. As they were ushered into the courtroom, the girl sighed, and the sigh irritated Mace ; she could not have told why; perhaps it was because she herself had quit sighing long ago.
A Marriage By Capture 3233

A Marriage By Capture

How a Summer Tourist Became Entangled With a Determined Heiress and a Big Auto Car Which Resulted in his Being Carried Off an Unwilling Victim.
The Way of Musette 7071

The Way of Musette

How the Outcome was Rather Bewildering When a Sensible Young Lady was Asked to Take Part and use Her Influence in Winning Over a Player From an Opposing Football Team.
As the Working Girl Sees It 3839

As the Working Girl Sees It

A LITTLE while ago I read an interesting book called "The Tragedy of the Wage Earner". It was written by a lady who said she had given up pleasure and wealth to bring a little happiness into the wretched lives of the women who were prisoners of toil.
Some Delights of Camping Out 124125

Some Delights of Camping Out

To go camping! What mystic words to conjure with! It matters little whether it be suggested to boys and girls whose tents have been pitched in their own backyard until that time when they might have a broader field for the expression of that love for outdoors latent in most mankind, or to the youngsters who have already known the delights of the virgin forest.
Just Escaped and No More 5455

Just Escaped and No More

A Daring Night Ride Through the Lonely Woods, with Wolves in Hot Pursuit, When Canada was Little More Than a Wilderness.
My Supreme Devotion to Silence 8081

My Supreme Devotion to Silence

A Story of How a Quiet Member of the Household Had a Rather Sudden but Decidedly Pleasant Awakening.
Training Boys for Colonial Life 4445

Training Boys for Colonial Life

IT is the custom for well-to-do parents to decide on their son's future profession before he is sent to school. This is rendered necessary by the fact that the average public school has two sides, a classical and a modern, the teaching in which runs on very different lines.
The Waste of Daylight 6061

The Waste of Daylight

Scheme to Rescue 210 Hours of our WakingLife From the Gloom of Man’s Puny Efforts at Illumination, and Substitute for it Sunbeams —The Advantages of Mr. Willet’s Plan and how Former Attempts to Reform the Calendar Met With Stern Opposition.
The German in Canada 1617

The German in Canada

IN these days when our politicians are discussing the all important matter of immigration and the great question so vitally affecting the foundation work of our Canadian nationality is being seriously considered by our people generally, are not some of us inclined to too hastily and thoughtlessly take it for granted that the whole work of our country's upbuilding to date has been done by those of English.
A Leader Who Stands for High Ideals 128129

A Leader Who Stands for High Ideals

"THE last gun in defence of the British flag in Canada will be fired by a French-Canadian." So spoke the illustrious French-Canadian statesman, Sir Etienne Tache many years ago. Never were the words in spirit more true than to-day, and never had the King more loyal and happy subjects than his French-Canadians in Quebec.
The Message of the Flour Barrel 6465

The Message of the Flour Barrel

The Rich Productivity of the Acreage in Western Canada Sets at Naught all Fear of There Ever Being a Shortage in the Breadstuffs of the World—All Progress goes Back in the Last Analysis to the Wheat
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