December 1, 1910

Henri Bourassa and the Nationalists. 2021

Henri Bourassa and the Nationalists.

What Laurier's defeat in Quebec means to future Canadian Politics

The Trail of '98' 6433a
The Indian

The Trail of '98'

ON either side of us were swift hills mottled with green and gold, ahead a curdle of snowcapped mountains, above a sky of robin’s-egg blue. The morning was lyric and set our hearts piping as we climbed the canyon. We breathed deeply of the heady air, exclaimed at sight of a big bee ranch, shouted as a mule team with jingling bells came swinging down the trail.
A Garden of Eden 58a59b
The Indian

A Garden of Eden

EVERYBODY who comes to the Riviera visits Lord Hilary’s wonderful garden, La Vista, and most people who do not come have heard of it, because it is worldfamous. Lord Hilary is an old man now, and a bachelor, whose greatest joy is his Italian garden.
The Ghost at the Inn 44a45b
The Indian

The Ghost at the Inn

THE Flying Mercury coach pulled up with a flourish in the innyard of the Jolly Postboys at Dunchester, and the guard sprang down and opened the door of the coach with a gallant air. Out there stepped a young lady, Miss Cherry Luttrell, no more than sixteen, with eyes as black as sloes, delicate arched brows, red lips, and a dimple in her cheek.
Tariff Reduction in Canada Is a Necessity 140141

Tariff Reduction in Canada Is a Necessity

WITHOUT doubt, the question of the tariff occupies the minds of Canadians at the present time more than any other question. Not since the inception of the National Policy in 1878 has it been so much to the front. Further, the Tariff Question now appears in an entirely new light.
The Diary of a back Bencher 5657

The Diary of a back Bencher

I’M going to quit whittling the top of this desk. It’s a nervous habit. Time I stopped. Remember I used to do that when I was a kid at school, —carving my initials and the initials of the little girl across the aisle. But when a man can’t smoke what can he do?


IN a ward in the Hospital for Sick Children in the City of Toronto there are, or there recently were, ten little children suffering from infantile paralysis. Some were dying. A few were recovering. Those that will, must be afflicted for the rest of their lives with the mark of the disease:
The Indian 3637
The Indian

The Indian

THE Indian had been lying on his stomach and gazing through the forest undergrowth with unblinking eyes. Suddenly he went tense with eager attention. The quick flattening crouch of his body was just such a movement as a cat, lazily watching birds, would make if one of the birds were to stray beyond the safety line.
Ten Thousand Dollars 52i53a
The Indian

Ten Thousand Dollars

WHIPPLETON had been expecting the settlement of his uncle’s estate for so long, that it had become an old story. He had almost forgotten to think about it. Suddenly, one morning, shortly after he had entered his office, he received a telephone message from his uncle’s lawyers.
WOOL! 4849


LAST year 300,000 carcases of Australian mutton were imported into Canada—Canada, the foodsupply source for the Empire! Last year 7,683,000 pounds of foreign-grown wool were imported into Canada—Canada, whose pure bred sheep have for years taken nearly all the prizes in international exhibitions! We need mutton.
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