May 1, 1911

The Trail of ’98 7273

The Trail of ’98

'TWAS early in the bright and cool of the morning when we started for Eldorado, Jim and I. I had a letter from Locasto to Ribwood and Hoofman, the laymen, and I showed it to Jim. He frowned. “You don’t mean to say you’ve palled up with that devil,” he said.
A Municipal Report 4647

A Municipal Report

EAST is East, and West is San Francisco, according to Californians. Californians are a race of people; they are not merely inhabitants of a State. They are the Southerners of the West. Now, Chicagoans are no less loyal to their city ; but when you ask them why, they stammer and speak of lake fish and the new Oddfellows’ Building.


OUR Canadian political system and the system in the United States have at least one thing in common, and that is the fact that in both countries the Party Machine is liable to obtain more or less control of the administration of the Government, and so thwart the theory of representative government.
Pack Your Trunk and Go 122123

Pack Your Trunk and Go

"MY friends, the world lies wide before you. North, south, east, west, the strange lands beckon and call. Can’t you hear them—the hansoms slurring through London mud, the roar of the boulevards, the chugging of the stern-wheel river boat, the shrill summons of the muezzin from his minaret, the tinkle of anklet, and the boom of temple bells?
The Bogey of Japanese Trade 112113

The Bogey of Japanese Trade

THE following article by Clarence Poe, in the World’s Work, was written in Japan after a personal investigation and discussions with Japanese cabinet ministers, manufacturers, and merchants, and English and American commercial attaches.
Conscience Money 2627

Conscience Money

MISS WETHERBY counted money in the Redemption Division of the Treasury Department. Moreover, she had counted it for twenty-five years, which is quite a slice out of one’s lifetime, taking; it all in all. She had spent those years in a swivel-chair in the basement of the Treasury building, and had worn holes in several cushions as the days came and went.
The Man Who Entertains 134135

The Man Who Entertains

EVERYTHING is used in business enterprise. Art is employed to advertise shoe-polish; psychology in writing advertisements, and little graces even in collecting accounts. "Entertainment" is another "aid to business success" and in the following article which appeared in "System," much interesting comment is made on this subject.
The Lonesome Factory on Hudson’s Bay 2021

The Lonesome Factory on Hudson’s Bay

ALMOST any Hudson’s Bay post is a poor place to find company—unless it be the company of your own thoughts. But the Post at Fort Churchill is just a few degrees more unhappy, in this regard, than any other. Scattered over thousands of miles of Canadian wilderness lie these grey, weather-beaten houses, some more pretentious than others, where a lone man, with a white wife, perhaps, or native wife, carries on trade with the Indians in the territory round about.
A Rose Street Adventure 9899

A Rose Street Adventure

THOSE of you who live in Toronto and have heard of Miss Mackerel— Miss Ethel Mackerel—not only know that her name is accented on the last syllable (thereby delicately enhancing its face value), but you also know that she is an exceptionally dignified and cultured young lady.
The Man Who Wouldn’t Stay “Dead”—Earl Grey 5859

The Man Who Wouldn’t Stay “Dead”—Earl Grey

THE function of a Canadian Governor General has become exceedingly difficult in the later years of Canadian History. When the Dominion was in its infancy the Office was more or less advisory—a medium for communication between the Colonial Office and Ottawa.
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