January 1, 1912

Smoke Bellew 311312

Smoke Bellew

The Taste of the Meat


“I Had a Friend” 305306

“I Had a Friend”

"I HAD a friend!” Is there anything more beautiful in all this world than the consciousness of possessing sweet, loyal, helpful friends, whose devotion is not affected in the least by a fortune or the lack of it; friends who love us even more in adversity than in prosperity?

Winter Vacation an Investment 295296

Winter Vacation an Investment

OUR theories of vacation are sometimes wrong. A vacation is to be considered from two standpoints; from the standpoint of health, the recuperation of lost strength; and from the standpoint of a business investment. Some people make use of their two weeks or their month every year to go to a summer resort or a health resort, and rest— incidentally few of them really do rest; and others take the time which is at their disposal and invest it on capital account by using it to acquire new experiences, greater knowledge and freshness of viewpoint.

What Women Want 279280

What Women Want

NOW that nearly every morning paper is found to contain accounts of fresh outbreaks on the part of the Suffragettes in England, discussion regarding the question waxes daily louder. The average Canadian citizen is more than shocked at the unheard-of proceedings of the militants, he is bewildered.
The Affair of the Protocol 241242

The Affair of the Protocol

Author of “The Colonel of the Red Huzzars,” “Beatrix of Clare,” “ The Woman in Question,” “ The Imposter,” etc.
Public Opinion 289290

Public Opinion

What are the Strongest Factors in Molding its Expression and Sentiment ?
The Bridge and the Bridge Builder 247248

The Bridge and the Bridge Builder

Illustrated with Photographs by R. E. W. Hagerty, B.A. Sc.
Accidents and Discoveries 235236

Accidents and Discoveries

A GREAT many of the richest gold grounds have been located by men who, at the moment of their good fortune, were as little expecting to find gold as the old lady who was presented with the fabulous goose. Sometimes a wild animal has played the part of lucky medium, as for instance, in the case of the half-breed mountaineer, Paul des Reque, who, overtaken by sickness when alone in the Cariboo Hills, had laid himself down to die when he saw a Big Horn ram advancing along a ledge two hundred feet above his head.
Visions of 1950 329330

Visions of 1950

IN 1950! The imagination leaps forward to the fulfilment of stupendous promises, to-day but half revealed. Will ships sail the ocean without fuel, trains traverse continents without engines, aeroplanes draw their motive power from the air; will the night be illuminated without the aid of coal.
“ Just Jane ” 231232

“ Just Jane ”

JANE did not have wistful brown eyes; nor a retrousse nose; nor small scarlet lips; nor any of the other things that heroines ought to have. She did not bewitch one with her vivacity, nor make one want to paint her and call the picture “Dusk”; nor did she give one a sense of serenity when one was in her presence.
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