February 1, 1912

Smoke Bellew

A National Highway

The Treasure Tree

Smoke Bellew 338339

Smoke Bellew

The Meat
A National Highway 392393

A National Highway

"AND now we come to the broad road .... See! the great road which is the backbone of all Hind. For the most part it is shaded, as here, with four lines of trees; the middle road—all hard—takes the quick traffic. In the days before the rail carriages the Sahibs traveled up and down here in hundreds.
The Treasure Tree 422423

The Treasure Tree

A YOUNG man and a dogged mare plodded along in the teeth of the storm, their heads hanging wearilv. Rain pelted into their faces like hail, branches lashed out at them viciously, nearby sounded the booming menace of surf on a shore. “May in Virginia—what a welcome!”
Investing for Efficiency in the Office 414415

Investing for Efficiency in the Office

IT is an old maxim in the business world that it is sometimes wiser to spend a pound than to save a penny. The truth of this maxim can be proved in many ways; in none is its significance more marked than in the matter of office equipment. Modern office appliances are undoubtedly expensive, some machines being alarmingly costly.
Sharing Up Profits With the Workers 434435

Sharing Up Profits With the Workers

THE profit-sharing idea has not made much progress in Canada as yet. For this at least two reasors may he advanced. In the first place, the country has not reached the point industrially where employers can spare much time from the work of organization and development to devote their thoughts to plans for the betterment of the workman.
Proof of the Pudding 402403

Proof of the Pudding

SPRING winked a vitreous optic at Editor Westbrook, of the Minerva Magazine, and deflected him from his course. He had lunched in his favorite corner of a Broadway hotel, and was returning to his office wdien his feet became entangled in the lure of the vernal coquette.
Perils of Night 386387

Perils of Night

IT was with a decided sense of relief that Ethel Merriman waved farewell to an absurdly anxious cluster of female relatives on the receding pier. She had elected to make the trip from Montreal to Quebec by boat. Notwithstanding the strenuous opposition of her aunts, she had overborne their objections, and she was starting on her first journey that was unhampered by a chaperone.
Canadian Autographs and Their Value 364365

Canadian Autographs and Their Value

WHAT is your name worth? At the end of the month, when the bills come in you feel probably that it is worth a trifle less than nothing. Except on a check you seldom attach a much greater value to it at any time. If you could find an easy mark who would pay you five dollars or even five cents for every signature you light-heartedly dash off by dozens every day you would run some risk of laughing yourself into apoplexy.
Dickens Revisited 338339

Dickens Revisited

I WAS never a lover of places, or things: but of men. Though in my first visit to London I had quarters—inexpensive quarters—only a stone’s throw from the British Museum, I did not once in that first five weeks thrust my head between the portals.
The Rise of the Oyster Trust 370371

The Rise of the Oyster Trust

A LITTLE more than a year ago old-fashioned New Yorkers were startled by the news that the famous “Blue Point Oyster Beds,” comprising some 15,000 acres, had been all gobbled up by one heavily capitalized concern. Now domes the information that experts have been figuring on the control of the celebrated Canadian Malpeque beds.
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