March 1, 1912

Smoke Bellew 452453

Smoke Bellew

The Stampede to Squaw Creek
The Hon. W. T. White 522523

The Hon. W. T. White

A Character Sketch of the Canadian Minister of Finance
Timkins’ Corner 502503

Timkins’ Corner

"DECEMBER wheat closes 85-78 to 86.” The boy at the ticker drawled it lazily and Timkins traced the figures on the blackboard; small, neat, modulated figures that admitted of no misreading. Then there was a noise, of shuffling feet and swinging doors, and the fat men who had been sitting with fat cigars in front of the board drifted out till ten o’clock should strike on the Chicago gong in the morning.
Canada’s Mountain Parks 442443

Canada’s Mountain Parks

EVEN as Canada’s mountain region is a heritage of hills such as few countries possess, so her vast mountain parks, among the largest in the world, are a national asset of incomputable value. The recent setting apart of the Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve calls renewed attention to the series of national parks and forest reserves formed, with commendable wisdom and foresight, by the Canadian Government, in the mountain districts of Alberta and British Columbia.
Poise 498499


THE superbest character in the world is he who has conquered himself so completely that his equanimity, his balance cannot be disturbed by anything which can happen to him. His serene character is beyond the reach of “hard times” and any material disaster, for he is founded upon the rock of faith, a stable, staunch character.
The Great Game 482483

The Great Game

A New Phase of World Politics: The Underlying Cause of the War between Italy and Turkey


IT was Saturday afternoon and cold and drizzling, and clients were conspicuous by their absence, so at four o’clock, I closed my office for the day and hurried around the corner for a comforting cup of coffee. At first I thought the restaurant was empty, but espied my genial friend Max Lubinberg seated in a far corner.
Love’s Confidence 488489

Love’s Confidence

THE Reverend Frank Warren was young and good looking. He was likewise clever and popular. Moreover, he was engaged to be married to a fair member of his own congregation, and still retained the loyalty and admiration of the rest of her sex. That may have been partly due to the fact that Ethel Stanfield was an exceedingly sweet and charming young lady, who had never cultivated the gentle art of making enemies.
Fresh Air Cure For Criminals 470471

Fresh Air Cure For Criminals

IF you had a nasty, gnawing, cankerous sore that was continually troubling you, causing pain and discomfort, what would you do? Cover it up and let it fester? Likely not. You would rather wash and cleanse it, apply healing lotions, and give it air and sunshine to make it healthy again.
The Private Office 518519

The Private Office

FOLLOWING the article on the Equipping of General Offices which appeared in the February issue of MacLean’s Magazine the one submitted herewith on “Laying Out the Private Office” will be of interest and value to Canadian business men in that it admirably supplements the suggestions which have already been made and in addition deals particularly with private offices, which were not covered in the previous treatise.
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