November 1, 1912

The Smoke Bellew Series 5859

The Smoke Bellew Series

TALE ELEVEN: The Town-Site of Tra-Lee
Dr. Marden’s Inspirational Talks 9091

Dr. Marden’s Inspirational Talks

As a rule, success is the triumph of common, ordinary virtues. A careful, painstaking habit is a sign of the genius that achieves. If we analyze the lives of most successful people, we find that they were not geniuses. We do not find that they had very marked ability but that they averaged up pretty well; that they had the habit of industry, of painstaking, of doing things to a finish.
How The Weather is Made 7677

How The Weather is Made

“It’s talking ’bout the weather That has made the weather vain. “WHEN Providence made the weather,” said the dear old lady, “there was some dependin’ on it. But now these here meteorolologists have got aholt of it there’s no tellin’ what to expect.”
Political Spoils 8485

Political Spoils

IN its one-store days the Hoosier hamlet of Terhune had been content with a home-made post-office: not such as now ornaments the front of one of its modern stores, but a cage built in one corner of its only business room and pigeon-holed according to the alphabet.
Paralysis: The New Epidemic 108109

Paralysis: The New Epidemic

The toll of the victims of tuberculosis grows smaller every year. When shall we be able to say this of that disabling disease which now counts its victims by the thousand where it used to count them by the couple. Theirs is the sad fate of the disabled, who must go on life’s rough way never able to walk as well again, never able to skate at all, or to dance or to run.
Pres. Falconer—an Organizing Genius 3233

Pres. Falconer—an Organizing Genius

IN the spring of 1907, Principal Falconer of the Presbyterian College, Halifax, took passage aboard a liner sailing from New York for Mediterranean ports. His objective was Greece and he had in prospect a pleasant summer wandering about and viewing the historicsights of that famous land.
The National Political Situation 2627

The National Political Situation

AGES ago the maxim “Let well enough alone” sprang from human experience, even as it re-issued from that of the Canadian Liberal party at the last general elections. It is approved by wisdom and very dear to the timid, the cautious, and the lazy.
When Integrity Told 5051

When Integrity Told

“Tell you what I’ll do, Steel,” said the senior partner, studying the young man as he spoke, “cut down those estimates for the rest of it by about thirty thousand and I’ll share even with you on the profits.” The partners had been looking over blueprints and estimates for a new skyscraper which the firm was running up for the Standard Company down on St. Paul Street.
Canada’s Pure Food Problem 4445

Canada’s Pure Food Problem

A WOMAN once pushed open the glass doors of a corner grocery store and made her way to its main counter. There was nothing in the least extraordinary or unusual about her and that is why her actions were significant for she typified the average Canadian housewife doing part of her daily buying.
Canadian Painting 122123

Canadian Painting

IT WAS not yesterday that the fairy Fine Art set up her boudoir in Canada. She has been arranging ravishing toilettes in this beauteous land for quite two hundred and fifty years. At her Court, through many generations, companies of distinguished wielders of pencil, chalk and brush—foreign, naturalized and native-born—have been busily engaged in offering of their best for the decoration of her foyers.
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