December 1, 1912

The Smoke Bellew Series 9899

The Smoke Bellew Series

In Harbour 7879

In Harbour

CAPTAIN STUBBS sat before his roaring box-stove eating pea-nuts and throwing the shells at the cat. It was a cold windy day outside, with a wild sea booming on the shore and a wild sky bending threateningly above the winter world. But inside all was snug and cozy and comfortable.
The World’s Greatest Evangelist 110111

The World’s Greatest Evangelist

FROM railway porter in Glasgow, Scotland, to pastor of Regent’s Square (Presbyterian) Church, London, England, is a long step. To then, suddenly give up the notable pastorate, over a whim, doff all gowns of the “cloth,” and rise to be one of the most famous undenominational evangelists, known in the four corners of the globe; such in tabloid form is the life of the, Rev. John McNeill, orator, preacher and evangelist, now of Liverpool, England, and who recently received a call to the pulpit of Cooke’s Church, Toronto, Canada.
H. S. Holt: An Aggressive Financier 5657

H. S. Holt: An Aggressive Financier

UP ON THE SECOND FLOOR of the big Power Building on Craig Street, Montreal, and at one end of an expansive board room, which occupies an entire corner of the flat, there sits at a desk a grave and dignified personage, who rises slowly on your entrance and greets you with a peculiarly solemn smile.
The Ghost of Eskindale 3233

The Ghost of Eskindale

ESKINDALE MANOR is in Kent and not far from Maidstone. You reach it by a hedge-bordered road that goes over two brooks and then climbs a long ridge that meanders lazily through this most delightful part of the garden of England. On the side of the ridge sits the manor smiling contentedly at the velvet country below.
The National Political Situation 3233

The National Political Situation

THE mechanical exigencies of magazine publication compel printing of contents long before issue. Hence “MacLean’s” readers, before perusing this, will have seen Parliament assembled at Ottawa, read the Speech from the Throne, received some knowledge of Premier Borden’s “Navy” policy, learned something of his designs concerning Tariff, Railways, Bank Act Revision, etc., and found Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his followers fearing that Ministers are incompetent.
The Premier Painter of the Rockies 8889

The Premier Painter of the Rockies

“ONE of the dreams of my early manhood was to visit and paint the Rockies, about whose magnificence all travellers raved. I dreamed this over and over again until the vision took form in finding myself, very early one summer’s morning, at The Gap.’
Snow-Time in Canada 7071

Snow-Time in Canada

A CANADIAN country winter begins, to all intents and purposes, when preparation for it becomes necessary. In the purple twilights which mark the forerunners of winter days, one comes in from the outside world intoxicated by the cold, fall air, and conscious mainiy of but two sensations—sleep and hunger.
The Why and the Wherefore of Doctors’ Bills 5253

The Why and the Wherefore of Doctors’ Bills

You submit to the kneading and tapping over the sore spot in your vitals with as good grace—meaning as little grunting—as possible, and wait with anxiety for the verdict. The specialist looks up at you over his eye-glasses, seemingly to see how you will take it.
Self Respect and Getting On 126127

Self Respect and Getting On

A devout Scotchman declared: “For twenty years I hae been praying the Lord to gie me a gude opeenion o’ my self'.” HOW few people appreciate what real self respect means; that it is an integral part of man, and that when it is gone, the man is gone. If children were trained to know and to appreciate what self respect really means, character would be revolutionized.
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