February 1, 1913


Between Two Thieves

His Brother’s Heritage

Miss Nette

Between Two Thieves 6465

Between Two Thieves

AN OLD paralytic man, whose snowwhite hair fell in long silken waves from under the rim of the black velvet skullcap he invariably wore, sat in a light invalid chair-carriage at the higher end of the wide, steep street that is the village of Zeiden, in the Canton of Alpenzell, looking at the sunset.
His Brother’s Heritage 122123

His Brother’s Heritage

THE KID slouched low in the saddle rode through the streets of a northwestern Canadian city. It was a nasty night for even an outlaw to be abroad ; respectable people had long since sought their beds. Gust after gust of wind and rain, unbroken by hundreds of miles of flat desert where the tallest obstacle was a dwarfed mesquite, drove down upon him furiously.
Miss Nette 110111

Miss Nette

“THAD!” I called from the doorway of our shack; “Thad Balfour, here is a visitor to see you!” The young giant, who had just finished taking his daily plunge in the gelid waters of the Northern British Columbia stream on which our prosectors’ camp was located, sprang to is full height on the river bank and treated me to a scornfully incredulous laugh.
The Dodds-Sinders Abroad 3637

The Dodds-Sinders Abroad

THE Dodds-Sinders had, after many adventures, much seasickness and several fierce arguments, finally arrived in London; been conveyed through a fog the consistency of veal broth and now, at last, were installed in their apartments at the Cecil.
The National Political Situation 134135

The National Political Situation

“DON’T never prophesy unless you know.” Bearing in mind this saying of the Yankee sage, as well as the French maxim, “It is the incredible which happens,” it might be injudicious to assert there is no possibility of events justifying those Opposition editors who have lately predicted extensive early changes in the tariff. Still, if one were sinful enough, he might securely wager about 99 to 1 that the aforesaid editors have either guessed wrong, or hazarded prophecy in order to draw contradiction from “posted” Ministerialist scribes.
The Success of the Allans in Shipping Industry 4849

The Success of the Allans in Shipping Industry

FORGET the traditional closeness of the Scot—which is well within the range of controversial topics—and try to associate with him as a race a more abiding, a more distinctive quality. Wouldn’t you say, after a brief moment’s consideration, that it is his tenacity of purpose? Well, Canada, not to say the world, ought to know about that.
Alan Sullivan’s Literary Work 142143

Alan Sullivan’s Literary Work

"Blessings be with them, and eternal praise, Who gave us nobler loves, and nobler cares— The Poets, who on earth have made us heirs Of truth and pure delight by heavenly lays.” Since Wordsworth wrote thus over a hundred years have contributed to the splendid total of English song.
Forster: Painter of Famous People 9495

Forster: Painter of Famous People

“IT was in Paris that my role as a portrait painter was established. I was a student at Julian’s—the first Western Canadian who had crossed the ocean to study art in Europe. There it was that the archaic, not to say imbecile, methods of my former teachers were made evident.
Journey's End 5657

Journey's End

NORA TRENCH had been exhibiting the latest “novelties” among Violet Crosby’s glittering array of wedding presents to such chance happeners-in as still lingered “talking over” past details and future probabilities of the CrosbyBlaylock match, when she received a rather urgent summons to her friend’s room.
Inefficiency—Why ? 128129

Inefficiency—Why ?

“CAN you do what you’re told?” was the question put by the boss to a young man applying for a position in the office of a large factory in a provincial town the other day. “I’ve read the ‘Message to Garcia,’ sir,” was the reply, “And I believe I know how to use my brains.”
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