March 1, 1913

Between Two Thieves 6465

Between Two Thieves

Sheep as black as the gritstone on the Peakshire hills were feeding there, scattered all about us—lower down an old white-haired shepherd was trying to collect them; his dog, one of the shaggy, long-haired, black-and-white English breed that drives and guards sheep, seemed not to know its business.
How the Son of a Canadian Chief Justice Became a Pirate 2123

How the Son of a Canadian Chief Justice Became a Pirate

IN THE annals of Canadian history few stories of a more romantic turn are to be found than the so-called piratical adventures of Jeremiah Dummer Powell, fourth and youngest son of William Dummer Powell, one of the earliest chief justices of what is now the Province of Ontario, with the subsequent narrative of the judge’s efforts to save his son from the penalties incurred by his rashness.
The Achievements of the Oslers 3031

The Achievements of the Oslers

IT HAS seldom been given to the members of any one family to achieve the individual distinction gained by the sons of the late Rev. Featherstone Osier of Bond Head and Dundas. Rarely indeed have talents been so equally distributed over so many brothers or have the fruits of success been so uniformly divided.
The Pea Soup's of War 116117

The Pea Soup's of War

“PEE-ZOOP—pee-zoop—pee-zoop.” That’s exactly how it sounded down in the engine-room of the Old Oshawa, when she was plugging up into a heavy wind. The big single cylinder seemed to force the greasy piston out on its four-foot stroke rather reluctantly.
Canadian Political Affairs 2123

Canadian Political Affairs

MANY incidents have incited the present Contributor to an explanation which the Editor of “MacLean’s Magazine” might not make without some risk of seeming to advertise “No connection with the House over the Way.” One of those incidents consisted in the.
The Little House 134135

The Little House

THERE by the roadside, with a peepul tree on one side of the gate and a clump of bamboos on the other, surrounded by a garden typically Indian, lay the little house—quaint, silent, deserted. Often on my early morning rides I had looked at it and longed to know its story.
Perils of the Night 9697

Perils of the Night

ELECTRIC locomotive No. 4032 slid quietly out of the darkness and cushioned gently against the coupler of the forward baggage car of No. 26 She was low, flat, and black, a crouching doublenosed monster. She gave you the impresion that the faster she went the closer she would lie to the rail—which, indeed, was very much the case.
The Dodds-Sinders—They Return 108109

The Dodds-Sinders—They Return

IT was the third day out, Mrs. Dodds-Sinders was able to sit up and take a little nourishment, the complexions of her daughters were fast regaining their wonted tints of pink and they awaited the arrival of the steward with the eleven o’clock broth with something very near impatience.
Padding the Expense Account 104105

Padding the Expense Account

YOUNG GRAINGER was in a predicament and through the haze of argument failed to see daylight. He had heen sent out on the road as assistant to Dick Redford, one of Elmsley & Co.’s veteran travellers. Tt was his first trip and he had enjoyed it as only one who makes his initial venture into a new world of experience can hope to do.
The Reinstatement of Dixon 4243

The Reinstatement of Dixon

WHEN Dixon was a youngster in skirts he built trains out of spools and played railroad. When he was ten years old he made himself sick on his father’s pipe, playing locomotive. When he was attending the collegiate he played hookey to snoop around the roundhouse of the P. & H. road; and when he graduated from college he accepted a position as telegraph operator in the company’s head office.
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