May 1, 1913

The Confessions of a Publicity Agent 2425

The Confessions of a Publicity Agent

William Jennings Jones Earns his Living in the Grocery Business and Uncle Henry Sprouts an Idea
The One-Price System 6263

The One-Price System

THE greatest change in modern business came with the One-Price System. This has all been brought about since the Civil War. The old idea was for the seller to get as much as he possibly could for everything he sold. Short weight, short count and inferiority in quality were considered quite right and proper.
Garlands and Love Knots 9697

Garlands and Love Knots

BETTY shook her head, once each way, for emphasis. “Not if I live for ever,” she said. “And ev-er,” she added, to make the matter clear. Pelleas and I looked at each other in distress. We are seventy years old. We fell in love fifty years ago, and since then we have done our best to bring about as many love-stories as possible in a willing world.
My “Back to the Land” Move 9091

My “Back to the Land” Move

AFTER all, farming is not a bit like golf. Of course the two are played in the open air, but that is about all they have in common. I make this explanation because it was while playing golf that I did most of my talking about going “back to the land.”
The Classic Commonplace 3031

The Classic Commonplace

BEAUTY, said the old proverb, lies in the eye of the beholder, but if the beholder is too busy to see it—this is the modern, Canadian completion of the proverb—that doesn’t say that the beauty is not there just the same. Beauty is that quality in any object which, through our faculties of perception, stimulates agreeable feelings in us.
The Sphinx of Alberta 2425

The Sphinx of Alberta

THE square white-walled chamber gleamed brilliantly under a flood of fight spilling down from a spangled ceiling. Opposite the visitors’ gallery, the seven seats of the Opposition, stood out like lonely palm trees in the midst of an oasis of yellowish linoleum.
The Indian Is Not Dying Out 4849

The Indian Is Not Dying Out

“THE Indian problem? Yes, that will solve itself in a few years, you know. The Indian is dying out.” How many Canadians, one wonders, would so express themselves if called upon to go on record in regard to the present condition and future prospects of the first citizens of this North American continent?
“Mazeppa” 5657


AT the small way-station the sad-eyed man wearing the overcoat with the worn astrakhan collar sat on the large ironbound trunk. It was marked in fading letters, “Mammoth Folly and Fancy Aggregation.” “Speaking of the procession of the equinoxes and the tide in the affairs of men,” he said, “once I was lifted on the crest of the wave of opportunity, hung suspended amid the glittering froth of fortune, and then— Well, speaking of the way the cat jumps, the town was a one-night stand, though that hardly describes it either, for there was a palpitating doubt, almost amounting to certainty, that it might not stand for us—even for one night.
The Ethics of Taxation 4445

The Ethics of Taxation

SINCE the days of Matthew the Publican, and long before, the tax-gatherer has been an important, if not a popular, personage in all civilized communities. Popular opinion of him may have somewhat improved since the days when “publicans and sinners” were included in our dark generalization, with the publican first, but it cannot yet be said that the tax-gatherer is regarded as a welcome visitor.
The Jewish invasion of America 126127
Review of Reviews

The Jewish invasion of America

There are More Jews Living in New York than were Ever Collected Before in Any One Place
A Gambler’s Chance 4041

A Gambler’s Chance

LITTLE did it avail Jakie Feinberg that he sold more Tageblatts than any other boy in Seward Park, for the Semitic ancestry that determined the quality of his business ability had endowed him with an inordinate lust for gambling, which consumed all the profits of his newspaper vending.
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