June 1, 1913

Between Two Thieves 140141

Between Two Thieves

You could not see the soldier’s faces, the smoke of that deadly volley had rolled back and hung low, topping the living wall of steel and flesh. But as it lifted, and they saw, by the light of the lamps in the courtyard behind them, the bloody heaps of dead and wounded men and women, mingled with children not a few, that made a shambles of the thoroughfare, upon whose gory stones the drum lay flattened, a hollow groan burst from the wavering ranks, and oaths and threats were uttered.
The Confessions of a Publicity Agent 3233

The Confessions of a Publicity Agent

I have sold the paper. Uncle Henry has sold the store and retired from the Mayor’s chair after six years in office— he refused to run again. We have a suite of offices in an office building on Dundas Street, Milham. We have three young men assistants and five stenographers, to say nothing of draughtsmen, and a librarian.
Made in Borneo 4243

Made in Borneo

BENSON is one of those chaps who lift their lives in their hands and go looking for wild animals. Most men are content and happy to allow the animal kingdom the free run of the jungles; but not so is Benson. He is a restless sort who must seek them, because there are menageries with empty cages.
The Eight Merediths of London 2425

The Eight Merediths of London

Few character sketches make more romantic reading than the story of the success of the eight Meredith brothers. Mr. Craick has presented his subject in a masterly manner, and the incursions he has made into the abstract in his search for the controlling causes of their peculiar success will be as interesting to the humblest man on the street, as they are to the critical professional man.
Why a Good Appearance Wins 9697

Why a Good Appearance Wins

WHEN a man is on trial for a crime he does not think of going before the court and jury without preparation. He gets the best attorney possible; he tries to make the most favorable impression on the jury; and does everything he can to win his case.
Big Bill’s Second Term 7879

Big Bill’s Second Term

THE blinding, boiling sun of a little more than midday glared through door and windows into the smoky atmosphere of the Silver Star saloon which occupied the commanding position in San Felipe. By no possibility could the traveler miss the Silver Star, did he arrive by stage, burro or bronco, in dead of night or broad day.
Dorothy Duggan—Jockey 9091

Dorothy Duggan—Jockey

JOSH DUGGAN opened the lane gate. Placing his foot on the bottom bar he shaded his eyes with his huge, rough hand and peered anxiously down the road. Out of the cloud of dust that suddenly appeared soon emerged the form of a ranch pony upon whose back was seated his young daughter.
The Aqency of Insects in Disease 8687

The Aqency of Insects in Disease

OF ALL the plagues conjured by Moses upon Pharoah and his much tried subjects, perhaps the most vexatious and disgusting must have been that of flies. It is noteworthy too that two others of the ten, the plagues of lice and locusts, employed insect agency, while the boils and murrain, in the light of modern science, were probably spread in the same way.
National Economy is the Need of the Day 7475

National Economy is the Need of the Day

SIR WILLIAM MACKENZIE when he returned from his recent trip to Europe, stated to the writer that it was not necessary for him to visit London in order to get the necessary money with which to carry on the work of developing the transcontinental project the Canadian Northern Railway has in hand.
Guest of a King in War 128129
Review of Reviews

Guest of a King in War

A Translation from the French of the Humorous Side of Bulgaria’s King
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