July 1, 1913

The Discovery of Canada

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Between Two Thieves

The Story of Colonel Davidson

The Discovery of Canada 3637

The Discovery of Canada

I once heard Canada described by a high school sophomore as “that tract of land just opposite Buffalo, New York.” Mention Canada to some Americans, and delightful remembrances spring up of a good square meal at St. Thomas, on the line of the Michigan Central.
Between Two Thieves 140141
Review of Reviews

Between Two Thieves

“It is the classic flower of Verms as well as the badge of Imperialism. And —he who receives it from so fair a hand and does not wear it must needs be very cold or greatly courageous.” He added, as Dunoisse’s brilliant black eyes met his own: “I wear no violets, you see.
The Story of Colonel Davidson 2627

The Story of Colonel Davidson

ONE afternoon last August when the C. N. R.’s Saskatchewan Express was sweeping along in the sunshine through miles of wheat and oats in a favored section of the West a well-to-do tourist, evidently from the Eastern States, was making rather complimentary remarks about the country.
Greasing an Employee’s Hands 136137
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Greasing an Employee’s Hands

THE expression is not an elegant one, but it describes concisely and graphically a custom that has long been exercising a baneful influence on modern business life. The average employee who has anything whatever to do with the buying end of the business, either directly or indirectly, is assumed to be hard-handed.
The Print of the French Heel 7273

The Print of the French Heel

WHEN Willson opened his eyes it was to see water slapping directly in front of his face. He felt strangely helpless. Dimly he remembered Hardy’s “Yip!” just before the big wave had tossed the canoe into the air. A twist in this wave had determined that Willson should live, for he had been thrown into an eddy that swirled him toward shore.
Jefferys—Painter of the Prairies 8081

Jefferys—Painter of the Prairies

“BLACK and white work is as good as any other preparation for the career of a painter. It gives one the power of easily committing to any ready medium what one sees daily all but one. Almost unconsciously the youth, who takes up his pencil and his pen diligently, grows accustomed to the rendition of feature, form, and fact in the progressive ratio of incidents and inspiration.
The Divorcing Umbrella 4849

The Divorcing Umbrella

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Todd sat down on the plush seat beside his wife of two hours and thirty-seven minutes, pulled down his white waistcoat to fit snugly that portion of his anatomy that it was intended to fit, and peered past Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Todd into the mystery of the darkening train-shed.
The Rising Market 9091

The Rising Market

THE long freight train rattled and wheezed as it came to a standstill; the overworked engine sent forth a series of melancholy hoots, and Vestibule Slim, traveling man, cautiously opened the side door of his private car and looked out upon a wet world.
Feather For Feather 6061

Feather For Feather

An Omaha Indian Legend Tremulous With the Echo of the Tom-Tom and Drum
Rebuilding Greece 112113
Review of Reviews

Rebuilding Greece

A Character Sketch of King Constantine of Greece, Showing His Tact and Knowledge of the Essentials.
Excursion Joys in a Morris Chair 5455

Excursion Joys in a Morris Chair

PROBABLY you felt rather envious the other day when you heard that Charlie Smith was going off down South the following week for a look at the Panama Canal “before they let the water in,” or when you met Billy Simpson and he told you he had just got, back from a trip to the “Coast” with a side trip up to Prince Rupert.
The Captain’s Gig a-Glove Hunting 6869

The Captain’s Gig a-Glove Hunting

“PASSENGERS lately, etc?” The gaze of Lieutenant Alexander Dobbs, R. N., bored its way through the blue tobacco haze to a dainty Spanish leather glove, meant for a slim, lefthand, tacked against the cabin carlins overhead. Copleston Radcliffe, seated opposite, failed to flush, but his merry eyes twinkled.
There is No Crisis Ahead 9697

There is No Crisis Ahead

SHREWD Canadian business men have long had their eyes well set upon certain danger signals which were ahead. The chief one was in the extent of Canada’s borowing. Heavy borrowing is accompanied by as much danger when the whole nation is a party to it as in the case of an individual who borrows heavily.
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