August 1, 1913

Between Two Thieves

The Hand in the Dark


The Pull of the Finger

Between Two Thieves 128129

Between Two Thieves

A few days subsequently to that reception at the Hotel du Rhin, Dunoisse found his friend in tears, and asked the reason. She evaded reply, he pleaded for confidence. Then, little by little, he elicited that Henriette’s sensitive nature was wrung and tortured by the thought of that money borrowed from de Moulny.
The Hand in the Dark 154155

The Hand in the Dark

DAVID KEMP and a score more of big men went out like snuffed candles on the day that Bertram W. Strang did his great trick. “Trick” is the only name for it. Even in the Great Market it was a three days’ wonder—for there nine days’ wonders are unknown.
The Pull of the Finger 8889

The Pull of the Finger

ALFRED BECKHAM’S disgrace is an old and discredited story now. In its day it was a black and bitter thing. It estranged kinsmen and friends, broke a heart or two, and would have ruined a less courageous and honest man than young Alfred Beckham.

The Middle Strata 6869

The Middle Strata

“No, there is nothing the matter with you, Miss Deering, except that you are becoming rather too self centered. You need to get out of the rut you are in. Get some fresh impressions.” “Now Doctor! Don’t tell me I must go in for society. I hate it you know.
The Print of the French Heel 5657

The Print of the French Heel

Mr. Burt presided over the table with the ease and geniality that would have marked a similar dinner in his former home in Chicago. Only once did he apologize. “I am sorry that I cannot offer you some wine,” he said, “but the canoe in which two cases were coming up last summer was wrecked, and we have been without it for a year.”
Marriage and the Conservation of Comfort 3233

Marriage and the Conservation of Comfort

READER, I am about to take you into confidence, and lean upon your openness of mind. And, when you have read what I am going to say, I only ask that you will subdivide it into three sections:—the first composed of conclusions which you absolutely reject —the second of those which you refuse to accept entirely but which have a certain amount of truth contained in them —the third being that part which you are willing to admit is altogether your way of seeing things.
A Big Day’s Earnings 4041

A Big Day’s Earnings

For very nearly an hour there had not been a sound or a movement in John Wyburn’s homestead shack, except, of course, what the clock by the window had made. Ruff, the dog, was sleeping off behind the stove after the high exertions of his morning’s chase; and Wyburn himself had sat, awake but moody, with his head on his arm, and his arm on the table.
Longevity and Happiness 172173

Longevity and Happiness

“THE face cannot betray the years until the mind has given its consent. The mind is a sculptor.” “We renew our bodies by renewing our thoughts; change our bodies, our habits, by changing our thoughts.” “Last Sunday a young man died here of extreme old age at twenty-five,” wrote John Newton.
Fitting the Job to the Man 6263

Fitting the Job to the Man

WHAT’S the matter with the lazy man? Is it a microbe or an inheritance or a product of degenerating conditions or pure cussedness which causes his disinclination for work? The problem of efficiency has been receiving a good deal of attention from employers of labor in recent years with a corresponding benefit, where inquiry has been intelligently applied, to their various establishments.
His Wife 7677

His Wife

AS Mortimer came up. from the links to the porch of the country club, he was conscious of the constrained attitude of the men who greeted him. The fight was on, and, with his jaw set, he dropped into a chair, determined to win out. Then arrived Dicky Dolliver:
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