November 1, 1913

Between Two Thieves

Spanish Gold

The Garden of Canada

Between Two Thieves 126127

Between Two Thieves

The present chapter is the continuation of a tale subsidiary to that of the main plot. Josh Horrotian, a trooper in the Lancers, had been secretly married to Nelly, his mother's dairy maid. The mother, Sarah Harrotian, a widow, had extracted from them a confession that they were married, but as they were unable to produce the “marriage lines” or certificate, which Josh had mislaid, she insisted on them leaving her house, and we now find them travelling together to Josh’s garrison town, Thompson Jowell, a cousin of Sarah Harrotian, is a swindling army contractor, and his son, Monty, holds a commission in the army.
Spanish Gold 4647

Spanish Gold

A Story of a Search in Ireland for Hidden Spanish Treasure Where the Quaintest of Humor Pervades a Pleasing Romance
The Garden of Canada 3435

The Garden of Canada

Where Many City-Bred Folks are Digging Gold from Fruit Farms
The Case of Mrs. Cridlan 1617

The Case of Mrs. Cridlan

The Mystery in the Palatial Home of an Absentee Husband
Those of the Outer Dark 4445

Those of the Outer Dark

It Was as if the Great Dynamos of Modern Life had Suddenly Ceased to Vibrate
A Splendid Surprise 3031

A Splendid Surprise

An Old Clydeside Village Couple Visit Their Professional Son
A Woman’s Logic 118119

A Woman’s Logic

A Romance in Real Estate That Evened Things Up
Tansy Queers the Lawyer 3839

Tansy Queers the Lawyer

The Power to Squeeze, Legal or Otherwise, Often Accomplishes Its End
The Bordens of Nova Scotia 67

The Bordens of Nova Scotia

Dignity—A Family Attribute—Without a Mark of Snobbishness
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The New Gospel of the Body
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