December 1, 1913

The New Scrooge


Spanish Gold

The Fighting Denisons

The New Scrooge 1011

The New Scrooge

Some Strange Ghosts Interview Him on Christmas Eve
Spanish Gold 2425

Spanish Gold

A Story of a Search in Ireland for Hidden Spanish Treasure Where the Quaintest of Humor Pervades a Pleasing Romance
The Fighting Denisons 45

The Fighting Denisons

A Military Instinct that Runs in the Blood of Five Generations
Between Two Thieves 120121

Between Two Thieves

Synopsis of Fvents Leading up to Present Instalment
An Amazing Christmas 1617

An Amazing Christmas

The Story of a Father’s Love and a Wife’s Forgiveness
The Winning of Winnifred 2627

The Winning of Winnifred

The Gasoline Gives Out at a Romantic Spot
The Pledged Miniature 3839

The Pledged Miniature

A Startling Episode In a Courtship of an Heiress
The Co-operative Bank Idea 118119

The Co-operative Bank Idea

A Candid Review of the Western Demands and Operations of Loan Companies.
The Running of Silver River 4041

The Running of Silver River

Competitive Business Ethics Receive a Romantic Upset
The Picture Taker 9899

The Picture Taker

EVERY one on Church Street had gone to bed except Ellie Edelman and Albert Kutz, and the night was dark and silent. Ellie sat in a corner of the bench in front of her mother’s house, her rosy, smiling face lifted, her hand patting the bench, beside her invitingly.
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