October 1, 1914

Adventures of Madelyn Mack: Detective 2021

Adventures of Madelyn Mack: Detective

4—The Bullet From Nowhere
The Tortoise 1415

The Tortoise

FROM the night of my memorable drive with Alice Holworth, I realized fully that I loved her. The boyish adoration had ripened into an intensity of feeling that seemed at times to leave no room in my mind or being for anything else. This love disturbed and puzzled me to no small degree.
Twisting Trails 3031

Twisting Trails

IF Rea had never been at the mine before, she showed a surprising knowledge of the location of the buildings. Passing the warehouse at the dock, she went on up a dark road, passing a store and a log hotel. Nearly a quarter of a mile from the lake she turned off the road to a trail that led to a cabin set on a slight rise.
Canadian Women in the Arts 2223

Canadian Women in the Arts

The Third Article of a Series
The Advent of the Citizens’ Hotel 1011

The Advent of the Citizens’ Hotel

The Story of How the Business Men of Canadian Towns and Villages are Grappling With the Problem of Better Hotel Accommodation
The Trail of Mooween 3839

The Trail of Mooween

WHEN Jacques Druille came in from his trapping grounds that spring, he brought with him on his raft a solitary black bear cub. For the first hundred miles of the journey the man carried the little creature in a caribou skin bag strapped to his broad shoulders, and all that could be seen of the cub was its small round head and bead-like eyes protruding from the neck of the bag.


CANADA’S brief and busy War Parliament was at an end. For the first time in over a century —since Sir Isaac Brock called together the members of the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada in the early days of 1812—Canadian legislators had met to deal with the grim issues involved in actual warfare.
The Business Outlook 128129

The Business Outlook

Advantage of Canada’s Position—Demand for Her Chief Products Sends Up Their Price—Opportunities for Extension of Her Foreign Trade
On the Fighting Line in Riel’s Day 2829

On the Fighting Line in Riel’s Day

4—With General Strange in the Big Bear Country
The Manicure Girl 89

The Manicure Girl

"YOU don’t have to ring ’em to tell all the counterfeits,” observed the Hotel Belveigh manicure girl as she opened a bundle of emery paper. “Only last week I had one in here that was old enough to have fed Methuselah his fennel tea, but the help an old man can get from ugliness doctors and tailors that ought to have been taxidermists, makes anything they show at the Hippodrome look easy.
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