November 1, 1914

A Fifty Million Dollar Job 45

A Fifty Million Dollar Job

The Story of the Building of the New Welland Canal
Adventures of Madelyn Mack: Detective 1617

Adventures of Madelyn Mack: Detective

5—The Purple Thumb
Twisting Trails 3031

Twisting Trails

“Cold air!” exclaimed Stover. “Toward the mouth! That cold air comes from somewhere. Perhaps there’s another end to this tunnel, beyond the hill, or a connection with another tunnel. Come. There is no time to lose. We must get there first.”
Comfort and the Conservation of Marriage 4243

Comfort and the Conservation of Marriage

ABOUT a year ago there was published in MACLEAN’S MAGAZINE an article entitled “Marriage and the Conservation of Comfort.” In that article I endeavored to throw some additional light on marriage (which must, by now, be considered a well established custom) and to erect for the youthful benedict a few guide posts in what is admitted to be a rather distracting area.
Off to the Wars 2425

Off to the Wars

A Briton and a German Meet on the Way to Enlist
The Tortoise 4041

The Tortoise

WHEN you have succeeded apparently in downing an opponent it is disconcerting, to say the least, to have him unexpectedly rise from the mat and strike you a blow from behind. So far as the race for Alice Holworth’s favor was concerned I had come to regard Larry Barlow as a negligible quantity.
Churchill—The Man at the Helm 1415

Churchill—The Man at the Helm

THERE was a picture much in vogue several years ago called “Dignity and Impudence.” It got to be a very popular picture, particularly as it was sup: posed to point a moral to small people who forgot the delightful maxim about being seen and not heard.
The Peacock Screen 3637

The Peacock Screen

BECAUSE Yvette was beautiful, men flattered her, and because men flattered her, Yvette was beautiful. Her dark eyes had the exquisite daring of the woman who knows she pleases. The blood came readily into her smooth pale cheek because admiring glances called it there; and her red flower of a mouth shaped itself easiest to smiling acceptance of broken hearts.
A Reversion to Type 1213

A Reversion to Type

SHE slipped off a ring and handed it to him. He pocketed it, and they were silent until he had helped her out of the auto and escorted her to her door. Then he said: “I will send you your letters and gifts to-morrow, Mabel. Goodby.” There was no relenting in her manner.
The Highest Salary in Chicago 5253

The Highest Salary in Chicago

How Samuel Insull Made Himself Worth $160,000 a Year
The Story of the Casgrain Family 2021

The Story of the Casgrain Family

The Achievements of a Notable French-Canadian Line
At the Absolute Zero 7879

At the Absolute Zero

Important Discovery Made of Point Where All Heat is Lost
Monsieur Bill Foster 89

Monsieur Bill Foster

A Stirring Tale of the Present War
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