January 1, 1915

A Case of Equity

The Spark

The Indecision of Margaret

A Case of Equity 2627

A Case of Equity

THE clicked typewriter away in feverish monotony. The blonde with singular nonchalance piled sheet after sheet of the crisp typewritten copies of the testimony in the case of “People vs. Richard Travers,” president of the Union Gas Company.

The Spark 4243

The Spark

CONVICT 342 turned to where the youth stood gazing with helpless eyes from the pile of stone before him to the heavy hammer in his hands. The big man rolled his quid in his tanned cheek and spat contemptuously. "Hell!” he muttered, “he’s a young ’un; new to the job.”

The Indecision of Margaret 89

The Indecision of Margaret

"MARGARET,” said my Aunt Roberta, not wasting words, “you must marry!” Experience should have told me that it was hopeless to argue with Aunt Roberta. Experience did tell me so. But one cannot see the last glimmer of freedom snuffed out without at least a feeble protest.

When the German Raiders Came 2021

When the German Raiders Came

THE first step toward the Great Project was taken in 1913. Meetings had been held in half a hundred American cities, and towns to hear the celebrated strategist and author, Von Barnhardt, explain how the conquest of Europe would be accomplished; and while listening to Von Barnhardt, the Great Project first suggested itself to the fertile mind of one, Professor Burgmaster, incumbent of the chair of modern history at the University of Milwaukee.
Why Not Take a Winter Vacation? 3031

Why Not Take a Winter Vacation?

An Article on the Possibilities of Winter Sport and Travel
The Business Outlook 102103

The Business Outlook

Can We Have a Business Revival in Canada Without the Inrush of New Capital
Private Cars: And Those Who Ride in Them 2223

Private Cars: And Those Who Ride in Them

WHEN His Majesty King George V. in the days when he was still known only as H. R. H., the Duke of York, made his famous round-the-Empire trip thirteen years ago and as part of his itinerary traveled from ocean to ocean across Canada, there were built for his accommodation at the Angus Shops in Montreal, two palatial coaches.
General—The—Honorable—Sam 3839


An Uncensored Character-Sketch of the Minister of Militia
“The Public Be — Pleased!” 1617

“The Public Be — Pleased!”

THE gas plant in the town of O—was for sale. O— lies between Toronto and Montreal and has just enough thousands of liberty-loving population to justify a drill-hall and a jail. President Bannerman, of the bond brokerage firm of Bannerman & Co., Toronto, stepped off the train at O— with the same sense of novelty that he applied to lacing his shoes.
The Best Gift of All 4041

The Best Gift of All

I KNOW of a little girl who was greatly distressed because she had no Christmas gift for her grandmother. She had only four precious pennies which she had been a long time in saving, but she found that even if she spent these for a present she could not pay the postage on it, and so she decided to buy a two-cent stamp and spend the other two cents for a sheet of paper and an envelope, and this is the letter she wrote: “I have no gift to send you, my dear grandma, but I do want you to know that I love you, love you, love you, and here are a hundred kisses.”
The Making of Billy Ned 4849

The Making of Billy Ned

IT began, I suspect, some thousands of years ago when the Creator gathered a quantity of choice clay from the banks of an Eastern river and into it breathed a spirit: but certain scientists would have us believe that only six generations were responsible.
A Powerful Outline of the Reasons Behind the War 5859

A Powerful Outline of the Reasons Behind the War

IT is a matter of common knowledge, one which a man must be blind and deaf not to understand, that for many years Germany, intoxicated by her success in war and by her increase of wealth, has regarded the British Empire with eyes of jealousy and hatred.
War in Winter 45

War in Winter

A Study of Conditions at the Battle Front
December 11914 February 11915