February 1, 1915

Turning Point of the Great War 2425

Turning Point of the Great War

Being the Narrative, Duly Censored, of a Stupendous Flanking Movement of Modern Warfare
The Sale of Huntley Hall: 3435

The Sale of Huntley Hall:

BUSINESS was dull. In fact, so far as the sale of suburban lots on the ten-down ten-amonth plan was concerned, business had been absolutely flattened -ut by the war road-roller. Harvey Grimes, as president and sales manager of the Sure-Thing Real Estate Co., had been selling lots by the dozen before the war, but had not turned over a nickel’s worth of business since.
How the Canadian Armada Was Saved 25

How the Canadian Armada Was Saved

NOT since the famous year of the Tercentenary had the Chateau Frontenac at Quebec been crowded by such a brilliant assemblage of visitors. The expeditionary force which Canada had decided to send to Europe to help the British Empire in the war against Germany was assembling at the Valcartier Camp, and the event had drawn to the quaint old city distinguished and fashionable people from all over the Dominion, as well as many from the neighboring republic.
Proofs of Germany’s Warlike Intentions 5859

Proofs of Germany’s Warlike Intentions

Observations of an American Journalist in Germany Before War Broke Out
My Lady Jane: 1213

My Lady Jane:

THE boat got into Broughton half an hour after the train had gone. We had been delayed by some small accident to the machinery; hence that lost half-hour, which meant a night’s sojourn for me in Broughton. I am ashamed of the things I thought and said.
Treasure and Trigonometry 2829

Treasure and Trigonometry

The Story of a Strange Will and a Strange Discovery
A Few Bars in the Key of G 1819

A Few Bars in the Key of G

IT was two o’clock, and time for the third watch of the night-herd. These two facts gradually impressed themselves on the consciousness of John Talbot Waring, as he was thumped into wakefulness by the Mexican “horse-wrangler.” Disentangling himself from his damp blankets, he sat up and groped for his boots, meanwhile viewing with that strange satisfaction which misery finds in companionship, the rough pounding process which was being repeated upon the mummy-like figure by his side.
The Work of the Red Cross 4041

The Work of the Red Cross

THE present war is the most barbarous and at the same time the most merciful war ever waged. Although the casualities are much larger than in any previous clash of nations, the percentage of deaths from wounds is much smaller. Soldiers carried from the field of battle recover more surely and more rapidly than ever before.
The Role of Israel Zangwill 2627

The Role of Israel Zangwill

THE worth of literary achievement, what it is, would make a nice discussion for a debating club. We live in an age when everybody writes. The commercial traveler, going to and fro from Halifax to Victoria, finds time and opportunity to write fiction.
Where Canada Leads the World 3233

Where Canada Leads the World

THIS is Canada’s day of getting acquainted. The day was needed. It was past due. It might have come without the hot flame of war but the wise school-master consults no scholar’s preferences. The month of August introduced Canada to herself.
Will Beaver-Buttons See Egypt? 1415

Will Beaver-Buttons See Egypt?

CANADIANS for Egypt. Thirty thousand odd boys with beaver-crested buttons are talking it over now. As this is written they expect to go. Whether or not the first division is sent to Africa, the probability is that before the war is over Canada will furnish troops to guard the Suez Canal or reclaim the Soudan.
The Cannibals of Papua 7273

The Cannibals of Papua

An Interesting Description of the Aborigines of that Savage Land
Service and Super-Service: 2223

Service and Super-Service:

OUT of every hundred men who essay to run retail stores ninety-five fail. This does not mean that ninety-five per cent, of aspiring merchants see the finish of their labors in the bankruptcy court. Among those classed as failures is the man who makes an unsuccessful venture into the retail field and withdraws before coming a financial cropper Of ventures such as these, ill considered and poorly backed for the most part, every city and town sees a continuous procession.
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